Daily D&D Ramble: My DMG is 16 hours away…

I did a lot of thinking on FTD&D on the trip. I have a villain with a name, some cool powers and minions and I think this has the potential to be a good adventure, even without the FT part. So that’s cool. But I’ve hit a bit of a snag that I want to talk about today.

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So here I am, claiming a third of the dining room table as my domain. I have my clipboard with notes scrawling wherever, my laptop, phone, and related cables stretched across as necessary, and my books are laid uselessly in arm’s reach. I say uselessly, because I made a crucial packing error: I left my DMG at home.

The worst part is I know for sure I looked at it, the PotA and the SKT and said, out loud even, because I talk to myself sometimes, “Nah, I won’t need those.”

That’s what you call ironic. (Maybe. It might not be true irony. I was always confused over exact definitions.)

I don’t need the whole thing, although I can think of three things I would love to check out from it.

First, I want to flip through the “Epic Boons” list inn there somewhere. Intended to help characters who are level 20 feel like they can still get stronger, they’re my first idea of fodder for making this Demigod class. I’m having trouble coming up with what I want to do, how I want to rectify heritage without stepping on the toes of classes. I also don’t want to simply put Ares=Barbarian, Hermes=Rogue, Apollo=Archer…. I don’t mind doing it, eventually, but I don’t want to jump on that right now. (Interestingly, I know one melee character is going to use a two-handed sword, because that will make using this cool loot I though of even easier)

Second, I need a lot at the monster making section. Not that I take it’s word as gospel, but there are a lot of questions I have about the minions I’m running for the BBEG. I want to know how tough they are and about what I should be looking at for damage and stuff (which is, in turn, dependent on what level I make the party. We’ll get there, I just don’t have all of the pieces with me.)

Third thing I want a DMG for is to take a flip through the magic items, to see if there are good bits of flavor I can tie in. As the characters have balanced attendance for this experiment, I feel okay about giving out magic items with bonuses.

Wait, isn’t there also a section in the DMG about converting things to the different worlds? was Greek one? it may have been. I want to look at that too.

I might have to go out and see if a local gamestore has a copy I can use for a second. Grab a few snaps of the relevant sections. This book seems harder to pirate than I’d like.

Not that I advocate piracy, but it does make life simpler to have a reference for the exact circumstances I’m in now.


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