I’ve been making comics for a while. And I realized that I’m not quite focused enough to work on one project. So I work on all of them here, posting them as I make chapters of them. I tend to focus on one story for a bit, before I might move on, having a break in between. Here is, basically, the elevator pitch for my various stories that are on the site ATM. They’re generic to prevent spoilers.

A Little Geeky Underneath (ALGU): A group of kids start to have D&D style adventures. (114 pages and counting, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4)

Fourth Wall Breaking (4WB): Matt (the guy who draws the comic) and Rachael (a spin off avatar of Matt that will have an origin story drawn up one day I promise) waste time between chapters of real content, while Matt frantically writes the next chapter of whatever. Some of these were done too quick in water color and ink for no good reason, so the quality is way different. (36 pages, Part 1, Part 2, Q&A)

Spellscar Saga: A (incomplete) medival fantasy tale about a chick with a magic sword and a sorceress. (19 pages, Chapter 1)

Rachael in Gameland: Through some magical mischief, Matt has sent Rachael to expirience Pokemon in a completely new way! Rachael doesn’t seem to know a lot about how this game world works, but hopefully she’ll learn quick! Loosely Based on the Pokemon adventure games. (Currently ongoing, 19 pages (as of 2/24), Chapter 1)

I also write blog articles on whatever. Mostly D&D based stuff, but some other stuff too.