The State of the Comic: June 2016

Welcome, apparently, to June. I meant this to be a monthly thing, but I figured the content of May was decently self explanatory and, honestly, I didn’t have much in the way of plans and good news. But progress has been made, we’re at a new month, stuff is happening and its time for an update!

Currently on, we’re got reruns going on. As far as I can recall and figure, the first run of the SpellScar strips ran in the summer of 2011, in the middle of CIG chapter 3. It was a story I had dreamt about. (In the literal sense, not the figurative thought about for a bit, longingly, sense) And I needed something to deal with Balking. So I through this stuff up. And there are parts of it I like. I think the writing is pretty good, although it could be a bit tighter. The art isn’t horrible, but its nice to be able to point to some comic and say  “Look how much I have improved!” I attempt to do backgrounds, at least. And I’ve learned a lot about how to do comics in strips.

Which is why, of course, the next comic run will be in full pages. Be cause why walk when you can run? You’ll never get anywhere walking….

So what is the status of the next comics? They are done in the writing/blocking phase. As I’m typing this, I’m doing the slow, slow process of scanning 29 pages of comic into my computer. I had aimed for 24 and over shot by 20%. So we got that going for us. My next step is to figure out how big I want to output to and build my template and process. I want the panel layouts to be homogeneous. That’ll make it all feel like it is the same work. The step after that is to go through each bit of text on the page and transcribe it digitally. I don’t have to place it yet, but I do have to make it readable.

The step after that is one I’ve not done before. I’d like a second opinion on my writing, before we get into speech bubble territory. So with the text readable and the action viewable, I’d have an… editor? Reviewer? someone read through and provide feedback. I don’t know who that person will be yet. If you want to be that person, let me know!

And then its doing the digital artness for each page. I can do a strip in an hour, so I’m predicting 3 hours to art on these? Hard to tell and it’ll be even harder as I want to jump around and draw characters consistently throughout, as opposed to the general evolution that occurs of the characters. So who knows how long that’ll take? And I still need to actually design a few of the characters.

I also might try to commission someone to draw up a cover. Still toying with the idea. But I’d want some artwork I could show them that they could base it off of. So that’s a later on idea, although I want to have that up first.

That is all a lot to do. And posting Classic SpellScar daily feels like an optimistic and unrealistic thing to do. But that was a lot of work to set up, so I ain’t changing it now.

Will ALGU ever come back? Yes. I will not break off ALGU permanently until I have finished at least this day of school. (I may never break it off, but if I do, you’ll get the rest of the school day) Arcs that are remaining are: Pre-Lunch, Lunch, Post lunch, the Game. There may be more. There is not a lot of action in those stories. But there will be some magic.

SpellScar #2 will have a lot of both.

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