Things I Learned From Actually Reading the PHB Ep 1

So I was reading my Player’s HandBook this morning and realized I had been doing something wrong. Not in a gamebreaking way wrong, but its something that will change how I run exploration encounters and similar in the future.  And when playing with my weekend group, I read some more stuff and realized this could be an article thing. So here we go!Chapters 7-10, as I’m sure you’re aware if you’ve tried to learn the game from the book, are where the actual rules of the game lie. There’s no other resource or compilation that DMs have that Players don’t. The DMG has some pretty tables and some optional rules, some suggestions on how to do things, but the core of the game is in the hands of everyone at the table. And we tend to forget what’s all in there. It’s a big section, oddly divided and hard to parse. It’s a good section to flip through when you have some spare time and learn more about how the game functions.

For instance, there is a section in chapter 7 talking about making checks as a group. If, for example, the entire party is trying to sneak, a group check allows the party to succeed if half of the party make the DC. So Clanky McMetalpants the Paladin won’t expose the whole group.

Also, you know how when 2 players are off doing a thing and they need to make a check to see if either of them can find the macguffin? Well on the same  page as group checks, there is a section called working together. If one character is helping another, then the one with the higher bonus makes the check with advantage and the other doesn’t roll a die. So excited about this. I really wish I had know about it last week. The best part about the helping another checks is the second guy doesn’t need to nessicarily be proficient in whatever you’re trying to do. having even untrained help give the assist, so Clanky McMetalPants, who has nothing going for him but an absurd AC and Hit points, can aid Miss Scouty Skirt in finding the tracks.

Finally, do you know SMALL Halflings really are? This whole time, I’ve been imagining hobbits who are pretty much a slender dwarf, right? But that’s not what Halflings are. The average height of a Halfling is 3′. They weigh about 40 lbs. That is crazy small. I can lift 40lbs like nothing. I’ve been picturing them way bigger than they ought to be. So that is fixed in my head now. And there’s no way a Halfling can impersonate a dwarf.

That’s it for this round. I’m sure I’ll find some more in the next few days. If you’ve found anything cool, let me know!


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