What I Did Wrong at D&D: February 17th, 2016

I’m trying to back fill all the Shop D&D/What I did wrong articles. So let’s roll back the clock to the middle of February, to the first game I ran on a Wednesday. Thursdays hadn’t been panning out, as my interested player was interested in the type of MTG they played on Thursdays. He was free Wednesdays, I had the day open, so I gave it a shot. We had three players and we never went back to Thursdays.

Our First hour or so was spent making characters because I did not Have Premades. So we wrote up a cpair of characters for the two new players. (I say wrote, because I don’t believe in rolling stats. Although rolling up a character is much more recognizable on the tongue. Weird. Should I figfht that? Idk…)

And, because we had just three players, we had plenty of time for an adventure! Well, it wasn’t much of an adventure. I stole an opening hook from, uh AngryGM, I think? Maaayyyybe SlyFlouish, IDK for sure. But the man running from the gnolls was not my idea originally. And I got to look into what gnolls are in D&D and I don’t like them. Not a bit. None of the versions, from OD&D upwards. So it looks like I get to re-invent them. Which is awesome. I have some interesting ideas floating in my head, about the creation of D&D words. The meda-game creation of D&D worlds, that is.

But that’s neither here nor there. I think I had 2, maybe 3 encounters, I gave out a cool magic item, and had named an NPC that no one had asked about. I also had a cool name for a book that I didn’t write down. I wish I had, because I would have made it a plot point. Yup yup.

Second, that week, was another failure to Advertise. For some reason, I had it in my head to separate the Shop game from my home game. I recall there being something about not wanting to play favorites with the players I was familiar with and instead meet new people.. This was my last week of that folly, it being 4 weeks of trying to do the thing. I put out the call to the home group, who were also jonesing for D&D, and they haven’t stopped showing up since.

Third: Know where we are. I tried to pass off that the players were just in a forest and one of the players wasn’t buying it. And he was right. Walking around in the wilderness is pointless without places of civilization to be walking between. What’s the point of loot if there’s no place to spend it? I spent a bit of time that next week drawing up my maps, which have been more useful to remember towns and less for directions. MCMworld2


I learned a lot about making maps and campaign areas from doing this. I’ll use that a lot for TSI, I’m sure!


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