What I Did Wrong at D&D: March 9th, 2016

Week 5 was a weird week in D&D. Because there was a problem, but it wasn’t really my fault, but then, it kind of was because of the stories I was telling? And heralded my current issues of D&D.

At this point, people hadn’t really been able to get their shifts set, their day off ducks lined up in a row, so we had a lot of change up in the ranks. This led to the party getting ready to tackle a boss fight that was going to put them on the path to hunt the Blue Fox, and the mystery behind it, yadda yadda, and one of the players asked why they were doing all of this. Aaaaannnnddd nobody really knew.

Sometimes, in D&D, you do lose the forest for the trees. We need to give this cure all medicine to the goblin, so we can get the key, so we can get the book, the wizard it needs to cure the princess. When we focus on the quest at hand, the big picture can get lost and things don’t make sense. It happens.

But that wasn’t what had happened here. The party had kept continuing what other people had started, so the full story didn’t belong to anyone. So I called a time out in the middle of the dungeon, rewound time a little, as that is a thing DMs don’t do enough, and had a Meta-game talk about WHY we were doing the thing and WHAT the goal was and WHERE we wanted to go. Like a relationship talk, but in D&D with other players.

No really, it went better than expected. And all of a sudden, the plan had changed, my boss was Charisma Checked instead of Gut checked, and all of a sudden, the party worked for the Blue Fox.

Soooooo………. what the hell can we learn from this?? I’m not really sure. It wasn’t an interesting, monumental thing that happened and I still don’t know where it came from our how it built up.

Everyone’s schedules seemed to solidify, so it stopped being as much of an issue.


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