What I Did Wrong At D&D: August 3, 2016

Welcome friends! (I like that opening. Imma gonna keep using it.) This was Week 6 of Shop D&D, Season 2. And I learned a lot. Let’s go!

First, have a backup plan. This is one of those times where Shop D&D differs from a Home Game. In a Home Came scenario, if the location became unavailable and a player couldn’t make (likely related), the game would most likely be cancelled. For Shop D&D, I feel that cancelling the game is a big No-No. So I made a phone call and did a pretty good job of getting us a 2nd location for the night. So we met at the library instead. So far, so good.

Second, stop waiting for people. I have what I suspect is a bad habit of waiting for people who are running late. I don’t want to have to recap for them, I guess. I’ve had nights where I redid the recap 4 times, right in a row. I hate redoing work I’ve done before. But this waiting 15-25 minutes to actually start feels like a disservice to the players who were on time.

Now, in a larger group, it would be easier to just go ahead and start. But since my group has shrunk again to 4 stalwarts, one of whom had informed me of his absence, I felt like I had to wait for guy #3.

I don’t know what the solution is, but this keeps coming back up.

Third, Loot distribution. I debuted a new form of handing out the loot. After the long chase scene from the week before, I had a pocketful of shineys for the party. Instead of handing them out, I had the players present nominate an MVP for the fight. It was then up to that player to divvy up the loot. I’m not sure I’ll use this every time, but I thought it worked okay. Maybe in a long running thing, it’d be fine. I dunno.

Fourth, I hate transitions weeks. I know they’re necessary, but I want Shop D&D to be encapsulated so each week could work as solid single introduction to D&D and transition weeks just don’t do that.

This next week, tho, is set up just fine. And I can’t wait to see what I learn from there.


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