What I Did Wrong at D&D August 10th, 2016

Hello friends! It’s time once again for an accounting of errors, this time for Week 7 of Season 2 of Shop D&D!
This week, due to work, I didn’t have the luxury of time to wait around and do the casual start. Instead, I arranged to have all hands on deck before i got there, sprinting in to lay down a battlemat and call for initiative.

Okay, it wasn’t that rushed, but it was close.

My first regret was my choice to zoom out at the start. we had ended the previous week at the tail of an encounter and while I wanted   to move on, I let the party appeal to my desire for feign and suddenly, any forward momentum was gone as we now had to investigate the backdrop.

Second, the knock spell through me for a loop. I don’t like it. I know how to counter it, but there is a lot of words to write about it one day.

Third, combat was not where I wanted it for a handful of reasons. Two encounters were triggered at once. The ‘boss fight’ had to be scaled back, as it had been triggered early. My zombie mechanic needs work. My plants need more narrative to their combat. They need a ranged attack, too. I really need to make stat blocks for these guys. I need to accept the ‘clean-up point.’

So bleh to all you supportive people who think I run ‘good’ combat. My combat may be ‘passable,’ but I am far from good.

(I am getting better, though. Running the motherpods the second time was much better, I’ll admit. Practice does help.)

Fourth is an actual error on my part. I neglected to inform the players about a battlefield hazard: a sheer drop on what the party thought was a wall. I had no intention to drop then over said edge, but still, that bit was important. I can imagine what it’d be like, your mental map updating and a snug corner opening up to much less security.

I’ll do that horrific battlefield updating reveal in the future. But I’ll have planned for it. Muhah, as they say, ha.

Fifth and finally, I’m starting to accept that this isn’t going to be the big and best run through Gavonee. My big plans and intentions are moving to the back and I’m just working on making good solid encounters to keep the current batch of players entertained. Next time I run it, I can delve deeper into Ikkris and the lore of the land, but for now, I’m trying to keep that to the side as I paint the world anew. It’s hard work, but I think it is working.

That’s it for this week! If there  is a specific article you want me to buckle down and write, leave a comment!


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