Daily D&D Ramble Day 1

I’ve been feeling kinda rottrn that my content has dried up. I think of so many things, but since they never get written down, they never feel complete. So I’m going to try to have a daily blog of D&D stuff and see if I can make a habit of it. If you want to hear more about a specific ramble or want to hear something I haven’t covered yet, let me know in a comment or something!

So what have I been thinking about recently? A bunch of stuff. Man, the list could go on and on. So let’s start it!

  • Princes of the Apocalypse
    So I’ve been stressing out over the open-table-ness of my Shop D&D stuff (immortalized in the WidWad Series!) I keep  having players with attached plot hooks miss sessions and in some cases leave entirely. Which makes it hared to pull the party along. SO I decided to just start running a dungeon. Cracking open PotA has been a chore tho. It’s not optimized in a easy to understand and run way and I’d have to read it a bunch to figure out exactly how it works so I can rip out and use just the bit I want to use. SO annoying I have to put so much work into it. And I’ve waffled between running the full thing and just a dungeon or two and where I should start. I finally figured that out and I think I can keep it flowing.
  • These Scattered Isles
    My water world has had a lot of thoughts hit it. I’ve been looking at various blogs and stuff, collecting various bits of rules I can crib for the crawl. I’ve also been taking notes on how I want to present information and the class and races restrictions I want implement once we get down there. TSI has a large focus on its briefing document, to me. If I can nail that, once and for ever, I’ll be able to run the world easy. Actually, anything I do with TSI is stuff I won’t have to redo. My content can be used many times.
  • Class-Free D&D
    So I’ve been wanting for a while to get a solid feel for what numbers mean in 5e. I know what the numbers are, better than most of the players I’ve interacted with (Tom beats me out, tho) but I don’t have a grasp on the overarching structure. So I’ve been thinking of trying an experiment where the party are NOT adventures. While they’ll be level 5, they won’t have any class selected. (Or maybe I have to make a “class.” Not sure yet….) Instead, they’ll be ‘peasants’ or ‘NPCs’, I’ve heard it described, but neither is quite right. They can be anything, really. Any job or role they can think of. Any background. But they are not adventures. And I’d prefer that they aren’t even trained with weapons. I want to see how scary goblins are to a shop full of merchants. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. And I think that to do it properly, I need to build a specific dungeon for it. (and a briefing document, of course….)
  • Dungeon Design
    I’ve been thinking about dungeon design a lot. Shop D&D’s conversion of a pre-made dungeon, TSI thoughts about hex crawls and the dungeons incorporated within, the dungeon I have sketched for Class-Free D&D that need to have encounters slowly added in. There’s a lot I need to learn. I’m not even sure what I want to figure out how to do. At the moment, I’m trying to find the bounds of what I could learn, so I can figure out how far I am away from being where I want to be. I have some good resources to rely on, but hopefully I can do some focused thinking via this article series…
  • Mapping
    Hand in hand with the designing, the drawing of said dungeons echos on my brain a little. I spent a good bit of today transferring a map from a print out and a book onto pressed cardboard via sharpie. My process changed a lot as we proceeded. I think it worked out okay, although one map I made changed scale from the others. I also need a way too organize them. I think my material was too think, which was saddening, Being able to roll them up for easy storage would be nice, although I did like how they lay flat for easy play. I’ll probably do the rest of the dungeons I’m cribbing from PotA. I should also write a thing up on how to crib from PotA, once I’ve looted the corpse. I would have loved an article like that, although I don’t know if I searched for it precisely like that. Hmm.
  • Running more games
    I’m thinking I don’t do enough D&D. Gasps all around, I’m sure, as I do a bunch already. But I’m not where I want to be with it, (namely that mythical level of being able to be make a living gaming). I’ve had some crazy games floated past me that I want to get into eventually. The Disney Princess idea, is one. Class-Free and TSI would probably be there own games outside of the 2 games I’m in now. Also, I have a handful of other RPGs I want to try out that I never get to do. Running those outside my current games seems like the best way. But I’m not ready to do that quite yet.
  • D&D Art, Comics and shows
    I have some crazy ideas on how to capitalize on the game and it involves media outside of the game. I haven’t started it yet, I need to go and doodle more. You know, learn to draw and so on. But those thoughts do echo in my head. Maybe I should turn a memorable campaign into a script for a show of some kind. I’d love to see what the Christmas Game looks like as a script. And see how much work it would take to produce. Maybe. I dunno. That’s not an immediate concern.

Anyway, That’s past the 1k mark, which was the goal. SO if you want to see more of these and focused, let me know? Kthxbai!


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