Daily D&D Ramble Day 2

Day 2! he said, pretending he wasn’t writing the first few all in the same day :p And today, we’re going to try to double up on something I need to do and this article. So here is part of the gospel of Thock, God of FallingHighrel 1:
1. These are the words that Thock spoke to Highrel the Elder, as he Fell.
2. And In that day, the Great Night was drawing near and Highrel climbed to the Edge of Redemption.
3. And as the Last Light faded from the world, Highrel leapt into the arms of Thock.
4. And Highrel Fell.
5. And as he Fell, he could hear the Words of Thock;
6. “Varied are the creatures who travel the skies.
7. Many are the birds, of sizes innumerable, who build nests and hunt the seas of air, who ride the currents of air and beat their wings. But, in the end, must rest on the temporary earth, losing their momentum and cower in their nests.
8. Fierce are the Dragons, of the Seven Hues, who ravage and steal from the hard working, who demand from life without giving.
9. But Man is the only creature who cannot fly but does.
10. Man is the creature who falls through the air without thought of how he will return to land.
11. But Man, in his folly, will destroy the earth where he stands.
12. And on that day, those who cower will fall
13. And those who stand will fly.
14. So I have said.
15. And the wind caught Highrel and returned him to the Edge of Redemptions
16. And as it was told to him, it was told to others and recorded

Highrel 9:
1. And in the days of Highrel, there was many voices.
2. Some cried out in joy, for the Gift of Rinkani gave unto all the joy of the skies.
3. And they ventured into many places unseen and learned many things.
4. Other voices cried out in pain, as the Gift of Rinkani gave many of the low and the sinful the freedom of the winds, with which they preyed on the high and the holy-
5. Plaguing their peace and disturbing their prosperity;
6. For the high work to improve
7. And the low work to obtain
8. And the those that Fall are lifted.
9. And those that attempt to Rise without the Hand of Thock will Plummet.
10. For what Falls shall Rise again
11. And what comes up without glory shall surely fall.
12. And other voices cried out in anger,
13. And there came a time when war was raged amoungst the skies
14. And the skies were tainted red with the blood of the fallen
15. And in those days, the last voices cried out in terror. And as the Greatest Night blanketed the world, Teregin, the Lowest and tainted of the lands, Plummeted down Below.
16. And the world knew nothing from that time until now.
17. And the ears of Highrel listened to all the voices and he grew sad.
18. And he cried to the winds and the skies, that he may speak with the gods.
19. And the gods drew him from his land, to the realm of the gods, the Crystal Skies.
20. And there, he met with Thock. There he met with Rinkani.
21. Loud were the cries of Highrel to Rinkani and loud were the cries of Highrel to Thock.
22. And Thock Heard.
23. And Rinkani Heard.
24. And these are the words that Thock spoke to Highrel:
25. “Many are the birds content to live on the land, flying only as far as the needs of the body. These do not leave their lands.,
26. For to Fall with land Beneath is to not Fall.
27. To Fly with land Beneath is to not Fly.
28. For is my grace not sufficient to catch, no matter the height?
29. For is your faith not sufficient to fly, no matter the height?
30. My grace is sufficient as your faith is sufficient;
31. And many are the birds who hunt the skies, flying as far as they seek their prey.

to be continued at some other time…

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