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  1. Great read. I especially enjoyed the discussion of past editions and threepointfivers. I understand that you don’t know that much about past editions, but a ramble on the history of D&D in general from your perspective would be interesting to read.

    By the way, you probably know this, but Pathfinder has all of its content online. This makes it free to play which is ideal for schools (particularly high schools, but colleges are certainly no stranger to free). I just thought that was a fun fact.

    1. Pathfinder being free makes a lot of sense. Its a bold move, but it would make it more accessible than other editions, easier tho they may be.

      I might give the history of D&D ramble a try. It’d be cool to do it with what I know, sans research. Then post again having done the research and see how close I got passively picking it all up.

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