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  1. Translating modules into a homebrewed setting can be difficult. Tweaking the flavor enough to ensure the verisimilitude of the society can take a lot of lore writing. Of course, it can be worth it with the ideas and mechanics that are brought to the table. Modules can be full of good ideas and knowing that it was balanced by a professional (no guarantee of quality, but generally better than crowdsourced stuff) can ease off a lot of pressure.

  2. It depends on the module, of course. (Feeding my annoyance into my ire of the Forgotten-Realms-Centricity of modern WotC) Some are built with more, well, modularity then others.

    I wish I had a big catalogue of Dungeon magazine to peruse, annotate and steal from. I found a site with PDFs of them all, but its just not the same.

    Justin Alexander(of the D&D blog,, of whom I’m learning about hex crawls from) cites it as part of his process to add favored modules everywhere. I intend to do so with TSI, but I don’t have the library 🙁

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