Daily D&D Ramble: Jonesing for Fixed Table

Okay, after my random idea of Fixed Table D&D yesterday, I’ve thought about it a bit more and its definitely something I want to try. And I think it’s time for me to finally start a group for playing stuff like this. It shall be called the Experimental Games Society. We shall start to assemble and try to do something after my trip. (yeah, I’m going out of town for a week and a half. I hope to keep the rambles up. Gygax knows I’ll have enough driving time to come up with ideas)

But we’ll handle all that later. On to FTD&D!

So the story itself needs to be pretty simple. As much as I love to do intrigue and mystery, I don’t want people to be tripping over not knowing clues because they were the rogue then when they learned about the footprints and they’re the ranger now, so they shouldn’t know or where they the ranger then…? I don’t want to deal with all of that, so it should be a simple campaign, one with a decent amount of straight forward combat.

I like the idea of doing something with the ancient greeks. I had toyed with a child of prophecy, then the son of a god and mortal, and eventually, the thought of the whole party being demigods is very appealing. So that might be what I want to go with.

So the party are Greek heroes, demigods even. And they’re awesome. I haven’t done any of the paperwork yet, but I like the idea that Demigod is a human variant that gives some awesome statboost and powers. It wouldn’t be balanced for regular play, but this wouldn’t be regular play. As long as the 6 PCs stay somewhat close to the same power scale, I’d be happy with it. I’d probably try to make it thematic to the parent diety, as best I could.

I’m trying to settle on the foes I want to fight. Giants or ‘Titans’ might be fun. I don’t think we’ll start at a super low level, but I don’t want it to be a god stomp. Having some nameless mooks we can throw around is always enjoyable. “Cower, Mortals!” Being invaded by an army is also good. I don’t want to make Hades a bad guy, but it is SO easy to do.

Sending the heroes on a quest to recover a thingawhatsit or a maguffin is pretty greek. Maybe that’ll work.

(fought my computer WAY too long burning some CD’s. Can’t remember if I was in a thought or not, but we’ll pick this up later. Maybe jumping straight into some character and plot design next time? Yeah.)


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