Daily D&D Ramble:This was a less than clever idea…

I knew about this trip a long while ago. I should have known that trying to do a daily article was a stretch, even with out the trip. I should not have committed to it. But I did. so you get a 2am article. I hope you find it coherent.


So I went to a gamestore today and bought some sweet loots. by which I mean some RPG manuals. I could by so many different things, loads of choices, but I settled on these five. Two are 3.5 monster manuals, one is an AD&D spell book, and I grabbed a splat book for primal and arcane magics. I’ll try to give a review of them in the next week, as well as add them to the wikipage list.

But for tonight, we’re going to flip through the Monster Manuals and see if there are some interesting monsters I’ve not met before, as well as anything else interesting I think can pad my wordcount.

Okay, MM2 opens up with an interesting chart I hadn’t seen before. “Typical Creature Statistics by Type” It gives a range of stats for each of the creature sizes. 18 different types of creatures are provided. I don’t know how convertible it is, or how otfen I would refer to it, but it is an interesting resource to have on hand, whenever. I will try to poke at it when I need to create a monster from scratch as a good starting place.

Right out of the gate, the first actual monster race is helpful to me. Abeil is the name of some kind of Bee People, with 3 different type. Seems pretty simple, but I was thinking about adding something similar to TSI, although they were going to be monsters. But I like the idea of this savage bee/wasp race and I think I’m going to use them.

OOh! Clockwork horrors! That’s awesome! I found what species Grate is! These feel similar to modrons, but I like the look of them. They’re pretty close to our Drow’s familiar.

Gem dragons, huh? I need to show those to Tim to see if they’ll work for his crystal flight world.

Glimmerskin is a plot thread waiting to happen.

Its nice to have a statblock for megalodons

hey look, a giant darfellan!

Okay, the picture for the ragewind is awesome beyond words. I need to use that sometime.

Ah,yes, yak folk. Gorgeous.

There are some sweet templates here. 5e has like, 2 in their MM and I don’t think they’re as plainly laid out as templates in the MM. Here they did a good job of demonstrating the template. I’ve got some very fun ones I’ll have to try and use to fun effect.

That’s it for tonight. Sorry this sucked. Better tomorrow? maybe, but….



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