Daily D&D Ramble: Escalating Wild Encounters?

While I have yet to catch up on any sleep deprivation, I was able to safely return to my home in ND, with my beautiful 2 screens of multitaskedness. So in therory, I should be able to get more, better work accomplished. Instead, I’ll probably play Minecrtaft and watch anime, but we can hope!

Today, I want to talk about an idea that I had while driving. It came to me in regards to my Fixed Table game, but I think its an interesting concept that could be used with a bit of a wider spread. Now, I admit I have not tested it out or anything. Heck, I’m not even completly familiar with the base mechanic, but present my ideas nonetheless I shall.

The idea is a modification to random encounters. Normally, if an encounter is triggered, you roll up what monster to fight, do the fight, and move on. Maybe there is more to it, in the way of specific tables for later in the adventure or differing table for enviroment, but AFAIK, that seems to be the limit of it.

My idea expands the Random Encounter Table (Hearafter RET, cuz no one has time for all those letters.) into something that can almost be treated as a full story thread.

For example, Fixed Table has a RET with 6 items. One of these that isn’t spoilery is bandits. So the first time you encounter bandits, its a standard encounter, heroes trash some mobs, collect some loot, go home happy. But the second time bandits are rolled on the RET, that is where the magic happens.

You see, the second time, you use a different encounter than the first. This one is tougher. The bandits know the heroes are about, or they know something is making their squads disappear. So as the journey progresses, the bandits are loading more and more for bear (or barbarian).

Of course, the heroes would need a way to win and they can find the bandit source and end it. Ideally, they’ll be clues placed as we progress. I know where they need to go on the map, at least. That’s a big help to me.

I don’t have all the answers about escalating RET. But it’s something I’m going to be working on for this project.

I’ll add it to my list, shall I?


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