Daily D&D Ramble: Fixed up some characters

So I made a bunch of characters (like, 6) for Fixed D&D on Wednesday. Here’s some thought on that, with only this weak intro to show for it.

I’m a little annoyed by how my various archtypes never lined up the way I wanted. (and I just realized I didn’t pick an archtype for fights 🙁 ) I wish we had a bit more options, to let us tweak the characters a bit more how I invision them in my head.

For the rogue, I went with Assassin. I don’t like the assassin name attacked to it, because I think that implies a bit more murdery-killing-ness then most people usually get out of it. I don’t like that my noble greek trickster is now profficent with disguise and poisoners kits.

For the cleric, I chose the Light domain and I really don’t like it. I guess I kinda want the war domain, without really being the war domain. Problem is the goddess is Aphrodite and I feel that limits my choices a little. I toyed with the Life domain, but the spells are just so friggin awesul, I went with light instead.

Actually, clerics, in general, have really crap spells. This cleric has 5 cantrips and all of them are horrible. I could really go for a Divine power splat book for 5e. I might have to go make one, as I’m sick of these spells. I could definitely go for an invoker, a divine swordsman, and a few other things.

For the Ranger, I used that revised ranger that WotC put out as Unearthed Arcana. Man, I like it a lot. (I just realized I forgot to pick out spells for the ranger 🙁 ) It makes the animal companion really strong, if a little tricky to stat up. You have to know how the stat blocks work very well to decifer where you get to add numbers in. If any WotC peeps ever read this, I would recommend having a few ‘vanilla’ creatures or maybe a break down of the stat block with the intent of showing how to re-work it.

The bard. Man, I don’t like bards right now. They have this mix of forcing flavor and an odd assortment of spells. If I thought I could get away without the bard, I would. Can of worms on “Bard (5e)” for a later day.

The fighter is not quite the flavor I’d like, but I’ll take it i guess. Let’s me drop more magic shields as loot. I forgot, as I said, to pick an archetype, but it’s probably going to just be Champion. I expect to be handing these to people for sudden play and Champion is best for that.

The barbarian is last. I went with berserker, in part because that 3rd attack is nice, in part because totem has been overplayed at my table. I’m not going to be sending much into the way of magic against them, so it won’t actually help too much.

So that’s my base complaints over the characters. I am designing a character sheet tailored for these characters. Honestly, for this week, I don’t know how pretty they’ll look. I’ll keep tweaking them, but my first games will be more on the lame side, I fear.

But alas, it is bed time. I’ll be working on these as I can. But my vacation is over and its time to get back to work.


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