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  1. Now that I see the other scores, Volo’s 9/10 has much more weight. Thank you. It does feel a little weird for the Player’s Handbook to tie for the lowest rank, especially since 60% of the books ended up in that rank. It feels like there will never be a 1/10 in this system, or even anything lower than a 3/10, which makes the numbers forced to be closer together. Personally I think that SCAG is worse than the PHb in terms of usefulness to the player as well as in general, yet they both end up at 6/10 along with the DMG. I don’t think there is a way to fix that issue since the questions being asked are generally useful in a review. Perhaps they shouldn’t all be given the same weight? Overall though, fantastic job with this.

    1. I think the weight is fine. The thing with my 10 point scale is that something in the 6-7 range isn’t average in quality, just in my metrics. On IGN or something similar without a rigid system, virtues can overshine flaws. If a book (or movie) scores an 8, I’m ranking it “very good,” unlike others where it may be a 10. Its just familiarizing yourself with the system. And, if you’re not concerned with say, being a lot of the reviews shoot up in value.

      I think it is possible for there to be a 3/10 or less. Martial Power from 4e was just a set of character options, if I recall. No lore, nothing for DMs, nothing to build stories on, etc. And, since the review takes the view from 5e, it wouldn’t be useful to players. Once I dig those out of storage, we’ll have to see, but it’s obvious that WotC’s idea of what makes a good splat book has changed a lot since 4e and I’m sure, even if we were examining the books from their own system and not just 5e’s, the 5e books would be more valuable.

      But we’ll have to put the work in to see….

  2. Reading this has me jonesing for dnd, I think I might just learn from your example and start collecting. If I can’t play, I can start studying.

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