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    1. It was difficult enough to keep everybody involved. Once all are in the habit of making it a Thing, of knowing how to play, etc, I’ll consider it. But I’ve skyped people into a live game before and it’s not a satisfying interation with that person, for either side of the screen. I’ll reconsider down the line, or, perhaps, run this again with an online group, but I can’t see digitally bringning someone in just yet

  1. When it comes to low-level minions, if they’re fighting fair, they will lose a straight fight. This does not mean giving them magic items or levels to soup them up. Indeed, that would be equivalent to offering dessert.
    #1 Rather, have them fight tactically if appropriate. Make sure they take advantage of choke points, use the terrain and environment to their advantage.

    #2 If appropriate, use poisoned weapons to make them that more dangerous when they make a hit. And if the players attempt to use the poisons they capture, there is always the risk that the players will foul up and poison themselves as they apply it to their own weapons.

    #3 Don’t be afraid to have them retreat. Staying and fighting is for strong parties of heroes.

    #4 Give the minions the defensive advantage. If the players are raiding their home, the minions should know it better than anyone else. Including every trap.

    1. I’m okay with monsters losing a fight. It’s them losing without costing the party any resources that’s the issue. The way the adventure is written has the party encountering two goblins at a time. In some of those encounters, the only reason everyone in the party got a turn was because the people with high initiative rolled crap for their attack. No spells were cast and the only damage the party took the any damage is because the druid walked in between a pair of goblins *that the adventure starts blinded and unawares* and started talking to them. Other than the pair of worgs, a clever player could have soloed the goblins in the town.

      Your points are all valid tho. But had I prepared like I ought to have, I would have noticed that I had 6 players while the adventure is balanced around four and would have added a handful of goblins to the town. I’d have at least made the average goblin count 3, and for the blind man’s bluff goblins would have moved it to 5.

      Ya know, I could just run it for you. I know Josh has been on me for a game sometime. And since I already have to prep it for my family game, there’s no reason why I couldn’t be running it twice.

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