Rebuilding Trask. Again.

I have few D&D characters with solid lore behind them. Part of that is I find myself behind the screen more and being a player less and less, but also, during my infancy as a player, I kept hopping between characters, excited to try out new things. And, while it was fun, it didn’t build the stories. But now even though I’ve settled a bit, I still find myself in a perpetual state of remaking the characters I have.

Which brings us to Trask. I did an article on making Trask almost a year ago. I then rebuilt him with subtle little tweaks pretty much every week for that whole campaign. I was mostly okay with I settled on, although his hit points were not what I’d have liked, and my ‘attack’ stat was spread across three attributes. But it worked well enough and I did some fun things with him.

But now, WotC have released an Unearthed Arcana for the Mystic class, a repository of every pyschic character they’ve had, all rolled into one character class. It looks exciting. I kind of want to run a game with all the party as mystics. I think there is enough variety in it that no one would be doubling up. If I had a better local table, prepped for experimental D&D, I would do so. As it stands, I instead will go through the character build with you, gentle reader, and we will see what comes up.

So who is Thomas Trask, Arcane Inquisitve? He’s a detective of sorts, in the slightly gritty city of Daromir. He lives in the Warforged district, and has been known to assist the…. Metalhead gang? I think that was their name. He will also take government investigation contracts, which the earns him the continued ire of the Minister of War. He is well versed in the knowledge of the Arcane, a true Investigator, known for being a bit Deceptive/Persuasive. His standard M.O. in combat is to go invisible and attack unseen.

I think that’s enough of his bio. He was a warlock/rogue before. Let’s see what we’ll make of him now. We’ll have our target level be 15, as that was the campaign we ran with before.

I’m not sure if we’re going to multiclass. I like a good MC, so we won’t set choices in stone yet, but we’ll assume mystic will have a decent chunk of the levels. And, from looking at the chart, I see we’ll get 3 psionic talents, as long as we hit Mystic 10. So let’s check those out.

Okay, so these are basically cantrips. There’s a few bits of damaging talents. A lot more options than spellcasters tend to get, I must say. Mystics apparently aren’t expected to be in melee. Blade Meld looks really stupid. I’m not sure what all you can do with Mystic Hand. It looks like it’s just Mage Hand, but it seems like you can’t do as much with it. Delusion looks like a combination of Minor Illusion and Prestidigitation, but it’s not wrapped up in the rule-ese that I think it needs. If I was DMing, I would have a lot of leeway to interpret the results of the spell. Err… Ability. Too risky, not taking it.

I think Trask’s first talent choice is Mind Meld, letting him spend a BA to do a 2 way communication with anything willing, as well as get perfect recall of a memory. Great for interviewing witnesses. The other two are likely going to be damage talents. Oh, look, the four damage talents each target a different ability save. That’s amazing. Super adaptable. I think right now I want Energy Beam and Mind Thrust, though I may go back and change them later.

I think the next important choice is Mystic Order. Reading through these earlier, I picked this one out already. Not only does Order of the Nomad match Trask Rp wise, they get a pair of proficiency they can pick each day, including a language. Which is right handy. They also get some teleport effects and I just love teleports.

Order of the Nomad gives two Nomadic Disciplines. And the first one, Nomadic Chameleon, makes me invisible! It also lets me do some other nasty stealth tricks. Oh, and I can make other creatures invisible as well, for a short time. What. Fun.

Nomadic Mind lets me locate a person, cast Identify, and let’s me do an Arcane eye. Awesome as well. Oh, and I can gain a skill or language I need while I focus on it? Sold.

I’m not sure of the wording here, exactly, but if I am reading it right, there is a difference between what the chart says and how many Mystic Disciplines you actually have. Your Mystic Order gives you 2 additional ones, that don’t seem to be mentioned on the progression chart. So, in addition to the above two, I’ll get 5 or 6 disciplines of my choice, depending on the final level I put in. It’s what I’ll work with, at least.

Nomadic Step is the next one then, and the first of my fiveish free choices. Better teleports, plus some party based stuff? Yes, please!

Second, let’s continue with the Inquisitor schtick with Psychic Inquisition. A cheap lie detector, a damage dealer, and the ability to riffle through someone’s memories? Sounds legit, sign me up.

Beast Form has a lot of cool, powerful tricks to it, but it’s not my character at all. There’s a lot of barely fits in. There’s nothing to really boost Arcana or Investigation, so we’ll have to turn to a level of Rogue to make that quota. Psychic Disruption is next, then, because I love the idea of its blinding effects, and being able to Incapacitate someone, meaning all of Tau-Fu’s attacks would be crits? That sounds… tasty. Also, some AoE.

Mantle of Awe and Psionic Weapon are going to be my final two. I’m not really sold on them completely, but I think they fit better than any other. It’s interesting that for any build, there is maybe three or four ‘essential’ disciplines, then there are a few to shore up play. Actualy 1-20ing this class would let you see what gaps you need and fill them. But who has the time and the table for that? Third Eye would be my final. Extra senses are also also tasty.

I can’t think of any good reason to not be Mystic 14/Rogue 1. You get Potent Psionics at level 14, meaning my sole attack, if I chose to make one, deals an extra 2d8 damage. I think with this build I’d mostly be running control/mess with the DM, but that tiny bit of damage is nice, as I intend to be invisible and attack with advantage, meaning 3d8+1d6 is my basic damage dice. I think I recall Trask doing 3d8+3d6 as his base? But I can’t remember where the other 2d8 came from. Hold on, let me pull up my cards… It was 1d8+4d6, with a second attack if needed. So older Trask could do more damage, but had less options than this one.

So, let’s start with Ability scores. I know my highest will be Int, and my lowest will be Str. After that, I need Dex for AC and Attack, so that’l be secondary. I had a +0 Con before and that friggin sucked, so I would like a little bit in there, but I’m okay with it being tiny. The 12 can go there. So is Trask better at Wisdom or Charisma? I do want him to be Sherlock Homesy, but I love the Charisma skills. I’m dealing with people more often than not, so I want to have that stat usefulish. Hopefully, anything that needs a Perception check I can use Investigation on or use one of my Mystic tricks.

Str: 8 (-1)
Dex: 14 (+2)
Con: 12 (+1)
Int: 15 (+2)
Wis: 10 (+0)
Cha: 13 (+1)

Normally, Trask is a Variant Human, giving +1 to int and dex (now 16 and 15), and takes the Mobile feat, but Magic Initiate is calling me as well. Being able to cast Feather Fall is a big part of his lore. I mean, maybe he had an item that let him cast it? so the story is easily not borked, but it was fun to threaten the DM with Feather Fall. I did so on many occasions.

You know what? I’m going to be teleporting around combat. I can save Mobile for later/never. Magic Intiate is my feat, Wizard, with Feather Fall as my spell, Mage Hand and Minot Illusion are my cantrips.

Other ASIs I get at 4, 8, and 12. +2 Int (18), +2 Int (20) +1 dex, +1 cha (16 and 14) That leaves my physical attack stat a little weak, but I attack via psionics a lot more now. Supposedly. If there is ever a feat to let me attack via Intelligence, I’m taking it.

Str: 8 (-1)
Dex: 16 (+3)
Con: 12 (+1)
Int: 20 (+5)
Wis: 10 (+0)
Cha: 14 (+2)

Hit Dice: 15d8+15, 93 is my Maximum HP. 30 more than when I was rocking that -1 Con. Yup.

Saves in Int and Wis, tho wis can be changed each day. I have a pool of 64 Psi Points, with a Psi limit of 7. Discipline Save/Attack is 18/+10, Physical attack is +8. AC ends up being Studded leather (12+dex), so 15. Rather low, but it’ll have to do.

Writing down exactly what I can do is going to be tricky to organize. I’m not even going to attempt it here. I may swap out one discipline for Celerity which lets me do a bunch of fun stuff as a BA, including make another attack on occasion.

So, on to the important bit: Skills.

As per my standard method, we turn to the Background first. I tried to find what I had before, but I can’t seem to find where I wrote it down. I did find that Eberron 5e has an Inquisitive background, which is precisely what I want. So that’s training in Investigation and Insight. Mystic lets me pick up Arcana and Perception. Multiclassing Rogue let’s me pick up Deception. Variant Human gives me access to Persuasion. And I think that’s all my important bases covered. Expertise is pointed to Investigation and Perception.

So, my Arcana is a 15, my Investigation is a 15, Perception and Insight are at +5, Deception and Persuation are at +7. I also have 2 skills that I can change up day by day, and they’re normally going to be in Stealth and History, probably.

So, all in all, it’s a very different take on the character, but I think Trask’s core concept falls in line closer to the mystic, than the Rogue/ Warlock I was doing before.

Man, Paul, we should be doing an online game in Daromir.


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