A breakdown of What I’ve Kickstarted

It probably comes at no surprise that I like Kickstarter. I think its a brilliant idea that has allowed a lot of cool project to be born. But I was reminded today of a project I backed 2 years ago that I have yet to receive and I thought it would be interesting to go through and see what I’ve backed and if I got it and any other thoughts on the projects. Let’s go!

Okay, some numbers to start with. I am currently backing 1 project, I have backed 29 successful projects, and two failed projects. I don’t remember anything about the unsuccessful projects. Out of the 29 successful projects, it looks like I have yet to receive rewards from 7 of them, although one is estimated to be delivered this month. I doubt it shall be, but we’ll see.

According to this, my first foray into KS was back in May of 2012, when Stripped: the Comics Documentary was being created. Oh man, if you like comics in any shape or form (and if you’re here on my site, you know its in my ball park)You should give this a watch. If my copy wasn’t in some random box, I would watch it today. It was super inspiring and a really cool look into the lives of the creators of some of the most iconic comics in the industry. Super amazing. So glad I could support it.

A lot of my KSing is the printing of comic books. Not a Villain 1, 2, & 3 Modest Medusa, Mary Elizabeth’s Sock, Erfworld, Girl Genius 12 &13, Broodhollow– A decent amount of comic projects! And while most of them took longer than I expected, that was just issues with shipping which some people have in abundance until they find the right printer. I also think its interesting that out of the six authors I backed, I only read 2 of those comics as it updates (GG and Erfworld). The others either slipped into odd hiatusies or I just lost interest. I think I may not have actually read my hard copy of Not a Villain 3! I’m not sure why I dropped away from them. Maybe I’ll go back someday and rekindle my love. But for now, they’ll keep in my non-active reading folder.

I also occasionally do projects to get related content to comics. Erfworld sold a deck of cards I’m still waiting on, Schlock Mercenary had their challenge coins and I also funded some random project because they had a SM related reward.

Girl Genius leads me into my next topic: games, as they were involved in Legendary Showdown, which pitted two fantasy comics I read against each other in a fun game that I played a whole bunch, a lot more than the other two games on my list. Mangaka is a really cool game, but you need to have the right group to play it with. When I did the ordering, I had the right group, but I didn’t get it until I moved to CO and no longer had those people (tho honestly that circle had moved on before I moved). Evil Baby Orphanage is a hard game to teach and has a play style (in the few games I’ve player) that I absolutely love, although others don’t. In EBO, We would end our turns about to win, then someone in the rest of the round would find a way to stop that and set themselves in that position. I love that seat of the pants reactionary tactics, but it’s not for everyone.

Related to the games category is the RPG category, of which there are a few on the list. Interestingly, half of my non-received items are from here. The most notable is the Planet Mercenary game system, which is almost done. They’ve been almost spammy with their attempts to keep us updated. It’s very nice. I’ve backed 2 projects by Limitless adventures. I was very impressed by the first one and expect to be impressed by the second. Sly Flourishes Fantastic locations was not as impressive and I did not back their last kickstarter. Their KSes do this od thing where you don’t get a copy of the book, you get a discount code to get it after its printed? and I do not support that. I want to one stop shop now, not two shop it later. Letting me think about your product twice is a great way for me to come to my senses.

GNL mats are really cool, but because of the design issues, they have to have super rigorous printing quality and it’s been a fight to get that. Updates are not as frequent as I would like, but we tend to get one whenever anything notable happens. When I do receive my GNL mats, it will be a nice, pleasant surprise from Past Matt.

I also supported a project to get a little custom minature, but they kept pivoting on things and I’m not sure if I replied to the right emails and I’m not sure if I ever selected my reward and I kinda stopped caring halfway through. There is now much more impressive tech to custom make 3D figurines, for cheaper than I supported this. Hopefully my money broaden the horizon of such tech, but eh, who knows.

My next category is film. I already mentioned Stripped, so we can pass by that. I supported a Catwoman fan film from someone who I saw on youtube a few times. It was fairly well done, although there wasn’t a DVD option. I always prefer getting things as hard copy, so if I have computer trouble, I don’t lose it all. I also backed the Gamers TV show thing and I’m not going to be getting at all what I expected, but whatev. Their update predicts May, so we’ll see how that goes. TV projects always seem to be riskier than others. Like World of Steam, a steampunk CGI heavy project I backed almost on my birthday in 2012. I don’t know if it’ll ever get done. It might do. I certainly don’t think steampunk is as cool as I did way back then.

5 projects left to talk about, all rather different. I KSed a CD by Devospice called I am the Doctor. Some good songs, although there are a few production calls I would have done differently.

That leaves 4 projects, all of which I kind of regret backing. There’s ARKYD, a space telescope project, which i didn’t realize was more along the lines of a distant dream as opposed to a quick thing. If I recall correctly, the reward I picked is so laughably easy to photoshop. Oh, wait, looking into it’s updates, I could have gotten a refund last year, but I hadn’t been paying attention. So that project is dead. Good. It’s nice to have this closure. The guy had some lofty goals. Hopefully he gets to keep working on space stuff.

Next is something called the I draw Comics sketchbook and guide. It’s like a sketchbook, but instead of just blank pages, there is also some tips on perspective and stuff. Basically, for my support, I got a dumbed down artbook combined with a sketchbook that I would never draw in, because its special and those are the worst.

The last two are computer based projects, neither of which I took out of the packaging to my recollection. CHIP the $9 computer, and the Makey Makey which lets you turn things into keyboards I guess. They’re cool projects, but I don’t really do anything with things like that. My raspberry pi is still in its unopened box, waiting for me to think of a project, my arduino actually had a project once, but my lack of ranks in crafting caused it to not work right.

So that is my story. I like KS and I’ve had a fairly good return, methinks. I will likely keep using it long into the future.

I hope you found this interesting. I know I enjoyed doing this writeup!


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