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  1. Well done!

    One scenario not listed: boarding an enemy ship. This is a staple of space opera, and if the ship belongs to someone who is genuinely alien in the way they think and build, the ship interiors will be full of surprises for the players.

    The boarding operation automatically places limitations on players:
    1) We’re boarding because we want something INTACT. No more STS or heavy-infantry weapons until we get back out.
    2) Teraport Area Denial is a standard feature on any decent vessel, and it’s going to be powered in ways that make it difficult to cleanly disable from the outside. Indeed, it will likely be distributed, with overlapping fields, ensuring that there’s no single off-switch that throws the crawl into easy mode.
    3) If players want to venture off the edges of the map you’ve created, they are either a) in immediate need of good environment suits, or b) now attempting a very dangerous alt-version of the dungeon crawl known as the hull crawl. And for b) to work well, they’ll need to find a way back IN, which is something that you, as the Game Chief, are in control of.
    4) STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS gives you a plot template for a truly twisty adventure – multiple factions boarding the ship, the ship is carrying dangerous live cargo which has gotten loose, and the MacGuffin is “retrieve your own ship from the clutches of this one.” Every good Game Chief should be familiar with John Cage’s famous aphorism: “well stolen is half-composed.”

    Your work above is outstanding, Matt. I look forward to reading the debriefings from your players. 🙂

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