State of the Status August 2017

Hey y’all! It’s been a long time since I’ve taken the time to tell you about what’s going on around here. And I need to, as things are in a bit of a state of change and its good to keep people informed about all of that, ya dig?

So, first off, let’s talk comics. Rachael In Gameland is approaching the end of Chapter 2. I think we’ve done some good work on it. I have a lot of Chapter 3 rough in my head. I want a bit of a break first, though. I’m not sure exactly what or how long. Enough to get a bit ahead on my strips.

I have a few stories I want to share, but no burning passion for a particular one. So what I’ll do is set up a poll on my Patreon and use that to determine what I’ll do for a bit. I have at least another 2 weeks of chapter 2 to prepare whatever story line it is. I don’t really have any notions about it, ATM, but we’ll have to see what the poll indicates I should work on.

(A quick aside about Patreon: If you are interested in my work and want to float me a buck a month, that’d be cool and you get the comic emailed to you for your convenience. (a week earlier than on here as well.) But, if you don’t want to pay me like that, or can’t for whatever reason, there’s an option there to just follow me. It’s not as great as being a Patron, but it lets you see polls and stuff when I make them, instead of having to see them later in other places.)

Okay, so the comic is going well. I’ve been experimenting on my format and I think I’ve been doing some good things. I haven’t gotten much in the way of timely feedback, which is a little stressful, but everything I have gotten back has been positive. Which is also stressful for different reasons. I haven’t committed to any of these experiments. Maybe my breather comic I will try one.

I did recently read a biography about Alan Moore and it turned me on to his comics. Ye gods, that’s some good stuff. Very well written. I’m still trying to suss it all out and figure out what to add to my shelves. Top 10 will definitely be on there and the first Swamp Thing TPB has one of the best written things I’ve seen. Not sure about the rest of that run, as the character and world don’t interest me, but the writing on that…. yeah

Speaking of buying comics, as you may be aware, back in February I became a full time cartoonist. Then, around June or so, I transitioned to being unemployed, with a cartooning hobby. Now, I am a part time employee with a cartooning hobby. Its been a very different mindset every time.

So yeah, I have a new job. And that is great on the financial front. On the comics front, though, I have to be on my toes. My new job has me up at 5am so I can be at my cubicle by 6am. Applying the transitive property, I HAVE TO be in bed by around 9 or 10. Basically, If I don’t have the comic ready to go, I can’t stay up all night getting a strip done for the morning (well, morning for the Patrons. If you read the comic the other places, you won’t even notice unless I’m REALLY running late)

So being late will be a thing that will crop up. I’m trying to get back into a rhythm of accomplishment, but its hard, because I’m also trying to get adjusted to the sudden morning schedule! Its tricky. Some mornings require a lot of caffeine, which of course snowballs. The winter might make it easier, we’ll see.

I do have a few moments between calls to frantically do something. like script a comic, or type out a bloggy article. A lot of my internet perusal is blocked in annoying ways, but this site is available ! (for now…) so you might see me type up a lot more stuff. Its not what I really want to be working on, but it’s what I have. Should make NaNoWriMo a bit easier.

Oh, speaking of projects: Nanowrimo will be a thing again this year.

And speaking of money and projects, I payed the fee and joined the Adobe creative cloud. This is a bit weird for me, as a long time ago, I had a great dislike of adobe for some ineffable reason. But probably six months ago I experimented with vector based software and Adobe Illustrator smoked the completion. Like seriously, in every way I could measure, it beat its competition. Add to that the fact that you get a ton of programs bundled together, and, well, now that I have a job that can afford it, I’m going to try it all out. So maybe you’ll see some different art out of me, maybe some animation, we’ll see.

D&D is my next thing to discuss. I haven’t written a WIDWAD in a while. Part of that is this site makes finding blogs a bit of a hassle. A site redesign would help, but I can’t afford to do that. Yet. Also, it hasn’t been a large priority. Part of my format is that I make mistakes, and, honestly, I’ve been pretty good at running recently. I haven’t had burning mistakes such that I HAVE to discuss it with people.

And I have been playing D&D. A lot of D&D. All summer, I’ve been in about 3 games a week, with me running 2 of those and being able to chill out as a player in the final one. A few stories have entered my repitoire, but mostly, we’ve been just slogging through playing. Nothing very exciting, nothing very daring.

I’m thinking of closing the season of my family D&D game. My sister is headed off to school, and, well, there are some issues. Part of it is my fault, but in the general way that if a game is failing it is likely the DMs fault. I think I ran a game ill-suited for my players. There were periods of fun, but I think we need to reboot. My brother is coming into town this week and I think I can make a nice epic night for everyone.

What to do after this weekend is the tricky part. Scheduling will get difficult with the new school semesters. Lots of things pulling us every which way. We can easily find a 2-hour block, but really, D&D should be in a 4 hour block, so you have time to ease into it, tell a natural story, then ease out without sudden deadlines that make the story end abruptly.

My options for what to run are infinite, and there fore, scary. I have been itching to run a homebrew game, entirely under my control, but that is a LOT of work to do well and I don’t know if I have that work in my. What I need is an adventure setting framework, where we can mess around in. Or really, a map that is not made by me, because I don’t like making maps.

I don’t think I really want to run an adventure again for them, as it locks me into running what they want instead of what I think would be cool. Although it does take some of the work off my shoulders….

there is a new D&D adventure coming out. I should have it in my hands on the 8th and I am super excited for it. I can’t start making plans until I have it, unfortunately, but I am really excited about it and plan to take it everywhere and read it constantly until I have it all in my head. Zombie Dinosaur Safaris, tho, sound really really cool

Once I figure out my IRL games, I might start up an online game. I’m not really sure atm. I suddenly have an earlier bedtime by like 3 hours than any online game I’ve been in has ended. We’ll have to wait and see.

The game I’m a player in has alternated between a pathfinder game and a superhero game. I am having SOOO much fun in the heroes game. The pathfinder game is great too, but I’m a little lost in the story. there’s a big overarching world happening that my character doesn’t know about (and sometimes I think the others don’t know about? or don’t communicate well? not sure)

Anyway, I probably will write about character creation for the hero game, as it has been tricky

that’s been an interesting group to play with, Once my schedule hardens, I might take up the role of DM for space mercenary games, which brings us to Planet Mercenary. I still haven’t gotten to play it, I haven’t written anything up for it yet, I feel horrible about it , but there you go.

With the new job with micro writing opportunities, this might change, tho. A lot of things might change. That is really the point of this whole thing. And I don’t know exactly what will change. Here’s hoping they’ll be for the better.


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