Mad Matt Watches A Star Trek STENT:S2E10 Vanishing Point

This is my series where I watch a random star trek episode, and write my thoughts as they occur. There are likely spoilers.

Our random Generator has brought us to Star Trek Enterprise, of which I have seen only pieces of one episode.

And of course, it is, somehow, this episode. Wat.

So I don’t know Enterprise. No idea who these characters are taking pictures with nothing near a futuristic device. So this will tell me if my Random Trek experience will work. Cross fingers.

Oh, hey a vulcan with pouty lips. The Angelina Jolie of vulcans. She seems cute. Also, not in uniform, now that I look at it. Huh. And the guy next to her sounds exactly like Tom Hiddleston. Looks like his character has Narcolepsy.

I’ve heard that Bones was anti transporter in TOS. So its interesting to see everyone having an issue with it. According to wikipedia, this is 100 years before TOS, so that makes a bit of sense.

I don’t like this doctor. Maybe he grows on you, but if I was dealing with this case of transporter jitters. I would at least pretend to take it seriously. Not because it is serious, but for the moral of the crewman, the crew, and star fleet in general. Do a few scans, as deep as possible, drop it into the computer to analyze, proscribe a hearty meal to replace any potential lost molecules, and have them sleep in sickbay with a bit of a sleeping aid, just for observation purposes. None of this would be necessary, but it shouldn’t cost the ship anything, makes the ensign feel important, and, when nothing comes of it, she would be more confident in transporting, and that would spread to the rest of the crew.

Instead, placing the value of leeches above a crew member who is concerned and almost freaking out is not good practice.

Okay, apparently the jokey bedside manner is just this doctor’s style. And on the second vist, it seems like it works pretty good for him. Maybe I will appreciate it more the more of this Series I see.

Okay, the phasing through matter effect is pretty nifty. I think I only saw the first half of this episode.

Wait, if you can phase through matter, how are you stuck in that crappy gym? YOU CAN WALK THROUGH WALLS!!!

This is feeling a bit like a murder mystery, except that the audience knows there is murder. Or murderer. But our detectives must interrogate the doctor. Maybe he fed her to his leeches?

I made the mistake of jumping to the wiki and saw the ending. I hate when I do that, but I wasn’t sure if I needed to be paying attention to all the fluff in this episode or not. Turns out, it was not.

This would probably be a different experience if you could not fast forward. Having to sit through the feels scenes that I don’t care about might actually effect me. Instead, I bypass it. No idea how much I care about that. I’m probably doing it wrong.

We do encounter our first villain of the experiment. And its a lame villain. Just enough to add a tiny bit of action into what was actually shaping up to be an amazing psychological horror piece. And then: Aliens with bombs. For no real reason. K.

Spoiling the end of the episode for myself actually ruined most of the episode for me, which, if I had chose to invest myself in it, I would probably have rated very highly. So I shant give you the ending. It does make up one of my thematics, so I shall only give you the obvious one of those. This episode is a Transporter Malfunction episode. I gave it a 6.



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