Mad Matt Watches a Star Trek STVOY S1E5

This is my series where I watch a random star trek episode, and write my thoughts as they occur. There are likely spoilers.

I’ve decided to reshuffle if the same series comes on my random list. At least, occasionally. On to some voyager. The overview sounds familiar, but I’m not sure if I’ve seen it yet.

Wait, hold on- Aren’t we, the audience, hearing/reading the logs? How can Janeway delete a sentence when we can hear it? Immersion gone!

Janeway: “Commanders, set a new course- There is coffee in that nebula!”

I don’t… get Janeway. Maybe this is an odd episode for her, but she was all over the place. It like- they were so afraid of stereotyping here, they didn’t want to pin her character down into any specifics, so she’s being written for that scene, not for the episode. And it probably bodes poorly for the show. This is early in the first season, so it’s likely that she gets better with time, but I don’t know what drives her.

Also, I really hope the whole Animal guide thing matters in the show. If this was a random “Oh, we’re showcasing native culture today” then, well, I don’t think my system lets me dock more points. I guess I’ll just have to complain.

Voyager is an interesting concept for a Star Trek show, but you would think the captain would have her priorities organized. It seems like Janeway has “Be a Good Person” over “Get us Home” or “Protect the Crew”. But that’s hard to determine on one early episode.

Thematics for today: It’s Alive?, and our first Holodeck play. Note that this isn’t a holodeck episode, as those are entirely focused on holodeck hijinks. This is actually using the holodeck like it was intended: to entertain like shore leave, while on the ship.

This episode gets a 4 from me, mostly because I don’t really appreciate the crew yet.

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