Mad Matt Watches a Star Trek TNG Season 5 Episode 1 Redemption Part 2

This is my series where I watch a random star trek episode, and write my thoughts as they occur. There are likely spoilers.

And, answering the question “What will you do with 2 parters?” The answer is, in part, watch the second half without the first half. So we got that going for us.Also meaning that, for the first time ever, I’m paying attention to the preroll “Previously…” deal.

So… Klingons, Worf resigned… Romulan plot… Evil Tasha Yarr??

I am regretting not having the context of the previous episode

Thus episode starts with the first ship to ship combat in my Trekking.

I think the easiest change you could do to improve the CGI combat scenes in TNG is to add some camera movement to the shots. Rotate a little, instead of being a single POV.

Wait wait wait. Picard just said “The Romulans have been seeking to destroy the Federation Klingon Alliance for the last 20 years, but didn’t they pop up just recently, back at the end of season 1? Wikipedia says its been 4 years since then. Was there an episode where they claimed credit for past troubles? Or are they just that bad at their job they couldn’t sever ties between the two?

Ohhh I remember this one. Data gets to command a ship. Right on.

There is something beautiful about the Klingons celebrating the war with their enemies. I think it could very easily be a super defining characteristic and one I would probably steal for for a story someday, as I’m sure many have. But, it could be. I don’t think it is. It kind of feels tacked on to these people designed as bloodthirsty enemies. If it was super core to them, I think we would have seen it reflected in their nature by now.

So why is Tasha Junior suddenly on the Enterprise? Would they gamble that Picard wouldn’t take prisoners? That scene seems out of place.

Also out of place is that all parties seem to know in general what going on. Like out of character knowledge slipping through as hard as they try.

This episode should also be entitled “Picard forgives insubordinate officers.” Like, I get the whole Data thing, he was doing what he do, but letting Warf back in?

Although, there may have been something in the previous episode where Picard lists Warf’s actions as personal leave. Hmm. Not sure. Still seems fishy thought. Gonna label this one as “Don’t we have Protocol for this?”

Speaking of Thematics, we got a whole bunch of them today! First, we have a tag for “There’s a war on!” Any war, even if the enterprise isn’t actually involved. Second, if the Enterprise isn’t involves, then “We’re Neutral” might apply. I really don’t see the neutral tag happening without the war one, but we will see.

We also are tagging this “That just what they want us to do” and variations. I think it’s a bit of cheap writing, but whatever. I guess showing people being a genius is really hard and it is a convenient way to do it.

And finally, the Thematic “You’re in Charge??”  which is used when anyone doubts the validity of a new commanding officer. Like that one guy with Data. And I know it happens to Kirk once and Geordie. And every time I see an episode of Voyager.

Anyway, this episode gets an 8 from me.

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