Mad Matt Watches a Star Trek: VOY Season 2 Episode 5 Non Sequitur

This is my series where I watch a random star trek episode, and write my thoughts as they occur. There are likely spoilers.

Back to the world of Voyager, where a crewmate has woken up back on Earth and the writers expect to treat that as a thing that actually happened. Yup. Immersion is gone before the credits roll.

Actually, thinking about the parallels between Voyager and wilderness survival RPG, I would love to spring this episode on my players. All of a sudden, they’re not waste deep in a deadly jungle, they’re back home. What would that be like with a lot of good roll players? Man, I wish I wasn’t doing AL for my Chult stuff. Which basically is another way of saying “I want another table.” Which is not a place I’m really in right now.

I don’t think “I’m engaged” is a Thematic for Star Trek. It would be for other shows, but it doesn’t happen enough and its not really a central part of the episode. Its a by product of the “Turn Left,” not actually a thing on its own. At least, until I see it show up enough where it matters. (“Turn Left” is an alternate history Doctor Who episode of a very similar nature.)

I think it’s interesting that Kim decides to talk to people, instead of looking things up on the computer. The computer is where I would go first, find out about Voyager, anyone related to it, whatever.

Oh, here we go.

Wait, did he use a security code from Voyager to access the records? Should that work? Why isn’t that information restricted by user? I hope he can look up his developments in warp technology to get him home faster when he wakes up. That would be an interesting story, where a person lives his lives across many alternate earths and shares knowledge between them. It would be interesting.

I wonder if this is someone else’s wish. Instead of “I wish I was home” or “I wish I had never gotten on Voyager,” The wish was “I wish I hadn’t transferred to the Engineering Corps” by this Danny guy. So Kim’s being on Earth is a byproduct of someone else having a Turn Left, and he’s able to recognize it somehow.

You would think Star Fleet would have some Protocol for this, where you can contact a certain number and they run tests and determine that you’re not lying and are suddenly your own doppelganger. That’s a fun turn of phrase. I wonder how often this type of anomaly turns up?

I am super suspicious of this Italian guy. Fairly sure he’s the “villain.”

Libby: “You thought about me the whole time?”
Kim: “Yep. Every day we didn’t have our minds radically altered. But that happens in space.”
Libby: “…”
(This exchanged based on one episode of Voyager I saw a while ago. I think Kim may have been immune to the mind effects tho. Still, the exchange stands!)

Playing the oboe at 2am is the surest way to an Earthwoman’s heart. This is a lesson they teach at Star Fleet.

Oh, did they rewrite the first episode with the bar fight? That’s clever.

Was that the italian guy? No, my mistake. Its some other guy in a disguise beret.

I think Picard would at least acknowledge the possibility that Kim is telling the truth. But then, he’s probably seen more impossible things then an Engineering Admiral. Space is weird in Star Trek. (I kind of want that on a shirt…)

So it turns out the Italian is a barista. I mean, a multi dimensional being who has been trying to help Kim who has been stranded in some alternate world. Yes, I said a barista. Is that so hard to believe?

Libby: “I don’t understand. I don’t understand any of this.”
Kim: “Look, let’s assume I’m telling the truth. From there, let’s establish my duty.”
This is really all he needs to say, isn’t it? If he is making sense then he can build…

Where’s a vulcan when you need one?

Okay, let’s talk about side-to-side transports. First off, very cool. I love some good teleport. But it doesn’t make sense. First, it’s rather complicated technology that needs to have precise targeting, as I understand it. Second, why aren’t they shielding? Don’t shields interrupt transports? Or at least their targeting? Something like Star Fleet Engineering should have some shields, and, even if they’re not up at the start, they ought to be able to turn on transport blocking so people can’t get out.

Eh, this episode was okay. I know this is not a unique episode in Star Trek, but the resolution felt shallow. I find it really hard to care about cringe based content that doesn’t matter in the long run, as it will all be reset by the end of the episode.

And Janeway still rubbed me wrong, even though it was only a cameo. She just doesn’t feel like a Captain to me and I don’t know why.

Actually, she feels like a captain that is trying too hard to be personable with her crew and isn’t really suceeding. That’s my understanding of Janeway ATM.

This episode gets a 5. I didn’t really enjoy it as an episode, but I would love to run something like this in D&D.

Thematics: “Turn Left”, as I mentioned before, (aka “It’s a Wonderful Life”) and “We can’t get you back” which is standard alien speak for “The episode isn’t over yet.”

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