Mad Matt Watches A Star Trek TOS Season 2 Episode 23 The Omega Glory

This is my series where I watch a random star trek episode, and write my thoughts as they occur. There are likely spoilers.

I decided to do something different this round and rolled the dice until the Origonal Series came up. It’s been a while since I watched any of these, but let’s see how it goes!

Oh, man, the sounds! A veritable cacophony!

Very businesslike opening. Going to alert even if it could be our ship. Well, I suppose with the sensors they had any ship could be a bad guy, so get ready until we see the color of their flag!

Ohm, right. The whole of the command staff would go on away missions. I don’t think I’ve seen that while trekking yet.

Ooh. Singing credits. I forgot those were a thing.

Why are we so hostile going to the Exeter? it doesn’t make sense. Did the audience miss a brief?

Kirk (Intercom): “This is Captain Kirk of the Enterprise. Marco. If you can hear me, plase say ‘Polo’ In the direction of the engineering section as hard as you can. Kirk out.”

Kirk (Intercom): “Is there anyone on board?”
Spock (Intercom): “Spock here, Captain. Also, the other members of the away team. So, logically, there are people aboard.”

Mccoy: “Jim, these crystals. Potassium 35% Carbon 18% Phosperus 1.0%, Sulfur, 1.5%. This is what is left of the body when you take away the water.”
Kirk: “How do you know that, Bones?”
Mccoy: “I’m a fan of Full Metal Alchemist.”

Random guy: “If you’ve come aboard, you’re dead men!”

I do love when they refer to the 90s. For the writers of TOS it was the future. For the writers of Next Gen, it was the present. For the writers of Discovery, it is the past. Crazy.

I really like the villain so far. I don’t know what his game is, but it’s been a great ride so far and I’m excited to see what karma has in store for him.

I hope there is some explanation on how every time a person is about to make an escape move, they’re interrupted. Enterprise crew hasn’t won any small victories in a while.

Lot of exposed midriff this episode. I can dig it.

Oh man, this jail fight scene is amazing! I am loving this episode!

These phasers are amazing. they don’t leave a mess. Easy SFX right there. No need for a damaged prop.

Omg it was earth!

This is my new favorite episode.

It kind of looks like I’m gushing all at once, but ther are like 10 minute of watching between each of these short quips. i am not doing this episode justice. Go watch it. Or ask. I could probably find time to watch it with you!

Thematics: We touch on the “Prime Directive” again. In a way, this episode was kind of similar to Who Watches the Watchers (TNGs3e04) Lot of parallels between what Kirk and Picard had to decide to do. And stepping in a god a bit as well.

Also, for new ones. “Command Away!,” where the most important people go down to the planet into danger. That’ll come up a lot. Also a “Mysterious Death” sparks a mystery, then the crew caught a “Mysterious Disease.” And finally, “OMG it was EARTH!!”

I gave this episode a 10. It is the only one so far. New favorite episode.


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  1. I think it was interesting that the “it was earth” aspect was well received by you…. For me, it was a very weak aspect of the episode: a planet that had a shared past with earth, including identical wording on a key historical document. The parallelism with earth seems like it would be the biggest discovery in centuries, but it is simply glossed over….

    1. Oh sure, it was a weak part of the episode, but it didn’t ruin anything for me. This story was everywhere and if it wasn’t an earth adjacent, they couldn’t have done the “Why You know Sacred Words?” bit. This whole episode would be impossible to do in another series, but in TOS: “Oh, we need it to be earth? Okay.”

      I do think the crew made logical leaps that were not accurate, but the DM (aka the writers) didn’t correct them, which is the real flaw.

      All in all, I think this episode was a blast, yes, it was silly that it was Earth or something, but that didn’t hamper my enjoyment at all.

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