Mad Matt Watches A Star Trek D39 S5E15 By Inferno’s Light (Part 2)

This is my series where I watch a random star trek episode, and write my thoughts as they occur. There are likely spoilers.

Been jonesing for some Trek, so hit the button and rolled up some DS9, which turned out to be a second part of double. And that first “Previously on…” contained a lot of spoilers for the show. So that’s cool.

Also, I’ve seen my first of the Dominion peoples. That’s interesting. I think they’re the biggest group I hadn’t seen before. (That I know of.)

Sisko: “I think they are trying to intimidate us.”
O’Brian: “It’s working.”
Matt: “Aw, thanks guys! It’s nice to get a new Thematic on the 2nd line of dialogue.”

Whelp. That betrayal had no emotional punch due to my Trekking.

Wow, this changeling infiltration is smoothly done. This guy is good at his role. I mean, I don’t know what the doctor’s character is like, but his subterfuge is incredible!

It’s nice to see Warf beating people up. So often he’s used to show how strong the bad guys are by being beaten up.

I am loving the whole prison break feel of the episode. Very tense. Love it.

So one of the ways I know I’ve been immersed in an episode is when it is over and I have to write things from the end. This was one of those episodes. It’s fascinating: I’ve been told time and time again that DS9 was a worthy Trek and I hadn’t bothered to investigate. Sure, I watched the first episode which wasn’t that great in my opinion, but that wasn’t enough to get me hooked.

Out here in Season 5 tho, there is a lot of quality. It is probably my favorite Warf episode out of any I’ve seen. So far. All of the characters were rich and deep, (I mean, there were some nameless mooks, but whatever.) The pacing of the episode was on point. I didn’t find myself yearning for any particular plot thread to return. My only real complaint was that the bomb ship was dealt with really quickly and I think it could have taken more time.

The villains in this episode were awesome. Ignoring the big major villains, who did good, we have the Dominion fight master and the changeling, who were brilliant. Their defeat made sense and was enjoyable to watch.

This episode gets a 10.

Thematics are hard, as only a few jumped out. “Their intimidation is working” is a new one, “Bomb on Board” and “There is a war on!” are two older ones. “Today is a Good Day to die” sounds like it might be worth tracking. (okay, thinking about it the day after, “We’re Prisoners,” “Sabotage!” and “Doppelganger” are also valid thematics. I need a better data structure for these…)

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