Mad-Matt Watches a Star Trek: TOS S3E19 Requiem For Methuselah

This is my series where I watch a random star trek episode, and write my thoughts as they occur. There are likely spoilers.

This is our tenth episode, so as soon as I’m done watching this, I’m going to make a stats post with all sorts of numbers. You have been warned.

Wow, this episode jumps right in, don’t it? People are already dead from space flu, gotta get that fixed. In situ is a tricky medium to use, but it can get you right in real quick.

How often do phasers become inoperable? is this a thematic I should track? I’ve only seen it this time, I think, at least in other places they had real reasons for the malfunction. I’ll pass on the thematic for the moment.

Methuselah: “Ah, the bubonic plague. It swept across Europe. I remember it well. It was a Tuesday.”
Spock: “Are you a student of history?”
Flint: “… yes?”

Oh wow! That is an amazing looking city. Is this part of the remastered part or did it look like this in the broadcast? I am impressed.

Spock knowing a Da Vinci on sight, even if it is not a catalogued one is an interesting development. Is he an art lover? How well can you tell its not an imitation.

Do vulcans see in the same wavelengths we do? I know (i think) vulcan is a hot deserty planet. Don’t know if that matters to that question. I don’t know how reliable their lore is in TOS.

Flint:”Gentlemen, I apologies for my inhospitality. Let me make it up to you.”
produces girl
Kirk: “k.”

Bones has an amazing flirtation game. Crazy good.

Flint:”Your pleasure gentlemen? Chess? Billiards? Conversation?”
Kirk (Leering at Raina): “Why not all three?”
Spock: “Captain, it would be illogical to attempt to focus on billiards and chess at the same time. Your efficiency would certainly be affected. Conversation would not help either in any case.”
Kirk (In an angry whisper): “shut UP Spock!

Whoa, this is a shakey camera. We’ve come so far. But seriously, were they hoisting the cameraman up by his legs?

There is a bit of daring cinematography in this episode. I think it might be a rather artsy one for TOS.

Wait, Spock plays the piano?

Did Nimoy sponsor this episode?

Gosh, if nothing bad happens and I just spend the whole episode waiting for the sting, but it turns out it was actually a rather peaceful day in space, I will give this episode all of the points. It would be a super bold move and one I would love.

Spock is probably feeling like he chose the right extra-circular activites for this mission, but, once again, the jocks call the shots, so the Humanities major sits back and plays a sad song on the piano.

Wait, Kirk isn’t talking. Are the captain’s logs all in his head???

Raina: “I come here, when I am troubled, when I need to search myself.”
Kirk: “Are you troubled now? By wh- oh, right me. Duh. Carry on.”

Why were we suddenly afraid of this robot? All of a sudden we have to kill the thing, instead of being able to reason with this thing. I bet old Flint is going to pick up on the barbaric-ness right away. Yup.

Spock: “I shall get the Rhytellum, captain. Alone. There maybe dangers with in. Wait here.”
Kirk: “Well, let’s go find out what kind of-
Spock: “Female dangers, Jim. Stay out here.”

The moral of this story: Kirk be so sexy, he can make androids lust for him.

Maybe Nimoy didn’t sponsor this episode.

Spock: “Your primitive impulses come at a bad time captain.”
Kirk: “Stay out of this, we’re fighting over a woman.”
Matt: Ah, man, if I write that line down, they’ll think I made it but it is in the episode!

Raina: “No one orders me! I choose!”
Matt: “See, this is why we have robot apocalypses.”

Spock: “The real moral here is emotions are stupid”

Bones: “The real moral is that vulcans are stupid.”

You know, if you didn’t know what vulcans could do, say if you were watching episodes at random, that last scene wouldn’t make much sense.

This was a really enjoyable episode, but i feel it stops short of the mark, somehow. Kirk was really oddly written and I’m still not sure if the girl was actually a robot or a clone or what. Things stopped making sense . I had a lot of fun, though, and I’d definitely show this one to people. It scored an 8.

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