Mad Matt Watches a Trek Batch 1 Analysis

This is my series where I watch a random star trek episode, and write my thoughts as they occur. There are likely spoilers.

As I promised earlier, this is not an episode, but rather a look at the 10 episodes we’ve watched so far. Should be interesting to see how these develop as we go, he said with forced enthusiasm!

So in addition to taking note during the episodes, I also record a bunch of stats in my spreadsheet and I’ve used those numbers to come up with a bunch of different graphs and things. Most of which aren’t as useful, as I was future proofing these, for when the count of episodes watched and the most recent batch is different. For today’s report, a lot of these will be exactly the same.

Let’s start with my identical pie charts. Yeah. We’ve had 3 episodes of Next Gen so far, putting it in a solid lead. As our sample size increases however, other shows will catch up. We have 2 series that aren’t even on the chart yet! (Well, .5 series. The films category and Star Trek Discovery haven’t been touched. Yet.

This next graph should be more interesting as batches go by. In the blue is the average batch rating for the various series, the red for total.  TOS is the forerunner at the moment, with Voyager trailing behind in last place. A gap is in place for films and Discovery, once they come up.

I have a suspicion that any given show gets better with time, not worse. So to sample this, I’m taking the episode count (in the orange), with no respecter of series or season, and comparing the average score per episode. In the purple, I’m taking the average score per season, without regard to episode or series. These two charts will be cumulative, not batch based.

Bringing us back to batch based, though, is this one, which is the average value of my 10 questions for each episode. A 3 way tie for the most used, Liking the episode, the mian characters, and being up for a rewatch. Villain is trailing, which makes sense as my first few articles doubted the existence of villains in star trek.

At this point in time, I have two 10 point episodes, TOS’s S2E23 The Omega Glory and DS9’s S5E15 By Inferno’s Light. There are 2 episodes that tie for least score with a modest 4, TNG’s S1E25 The Neutral Zone and VOY’s S1E5 The Cloud.

I have no idea what to do about all of my Thematics. I definitely don’t know the right way to store them, much less analyze them.

On a more subjective side, it’s been an interesting experiment so far. Definitely enjoyable. I find it interesting who each season has intrigued me to various levels. VOY hasn’t intrigued me at all, while DS9 makes me want to watch more and it is painful to not watch the next episode of TOS.

If you have any more data points that you think I ought to be messing around with, please let me know and I will see what I can do!


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