Mad Matt Watches A Star Trek: DS9 S2E25 The Tribunal

This is my series where I watch a random star trek episode, and write my thoughts as they occur. There are likely spoilers.

This is episode has a tropey start. Busy engineer/manager guy is going on vacation, keeps stressing out over leaving everything to not-hims. this vacation is probably his wife’s idea and since he’s such a dedicated worker bee, he’ll go along in name but not in spirit.

Cardassian Cop (ACTUAL DIALOGUE): “You have the right to refuse to answer questions, but if you do, you’re probably guilty”

Not going to lie, Cardassians are quickly becoming my favorite villains.

Also: I feel obligated for this link to be a thing before I plaster this picture over all my social media…

eech. Lasers in eye. Me no like lasers in eye.

It’s interesting how well they hid the nudity without overtly making it look like they were hiding the nudity. The story was just progressing. Nothing to see here. Moving on.

I’m chalking a lot of the drama in this episode to a mis-translation to… Earthese? Federation speak? What is the language spoken is Star Trek? Checking wikis…. Huh. Turns out they speak English. Weird. Anyway, if they replaced the word “Trial” with “Proof of Guilt Tribunal” or some other word that matches the concept, a lot of the freaking out of being sentenced before the trail would go away. You’ve already been proven guilty behind closed doors.

Honestly, assuming the system isn’t corrupt and the investigators are doing all they can to prove a person innocent before its brought up to the judges, its not a super bad system. People wouldn’t even know their innocence had been questioned.

Something tells me this episode will show some of the flaws in this system. But it is cool that this alien race’s judicial system is being explored. I don’t know of many works that do that.

Yup. Turns out the court can just use it to legally kill people. Once again, an iron fist turns out to be a bad form of government. Le sigh.

I found this trial to be rather cringy for me. Not sure why. Probably because Odo kept speaking after he was explicitly told not to.

This trial was odd, as there was no defense. It really changes how a trial should go, so my expectations of procedure were greatly altered.

I don’t know the deal with Cardassia. Why is Sisko suddenly able to show up with the one guy? Wouldn’t hostilities still be strong, that it would take a bunch of time?

And wow, that is a lot of plastic surgery to make a Cardassian look like a human. Like a lot a lot. I would have played the mind swap or the brainwash card, but they went plastic surgery. K.

This is the 2nd episode  that I’ve seen with a Doppelganger of sorts in DS9. I know they show up in other series, but that is a lot for random episodes.

The resolution of this episode seemed week. As if they suddenly needed to finished it. This isn’t the first DS9 that had this. Ascent did too. The ending was just suddenly there and I felt robbed of good resolution.

Especially for this “Trial.” Justice did not win this episode. Justice had no place. Instead, there was a potential embarassment and justice got a note in the mail that the same result was had so it is fine. Which is not the same as Justice pulling a full shift and getting that paycheck.

So yeah, episode wasn’t satisfying at the end of it. So this episode did not do well. It got a 4.

(Also of note: Didja see the picture? I was talking to one of my patrons and he suggested including a still from the episode, but I decided to take it a different way.)

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