Now we are 29

Today is my birthday. And, like most years, nothing expressly exciting is going to happen.

This year, I turned 29. At our Thanksgiving feast yesterday, we were recalling highlights of the year, which was interesting and I hope becomes a tradition. It also bids me to look at my year that has gone past.

A bit over a year ago, I loaded my junk into my dad’s truck and drove away from North Dakota. I still maintain this was a good move, although at times, I do miss Minot. I was really comfortable there, I knew the people and how the place worked.

But now I have the chance to love Colorado. Every morning, when I walk out my door, there is this mountain that somehow, always looks different. Now in the winter, as I leave before the sun rises, I see not the mountains, but the stars: closer and crystal clear than ever.  I’ve taken an opportunity or two to drive through the mountains, to camp at a place here and there, and, in general to appreciate the beauty. I have place in my heart for this.

I occasionally miss where I worked. 4 years in one job is a lot. Instead, this last year, I’ve worked 4ish jobs, if you want to count some of my little side things as actual employment. I ain’t getting a W2 from them, tho. Two place I worked will give me government confirmation: A subway near by, where I am convinced my employment was an answer to my manager’s  prayers for the month and a half I was there, at least, and my current job.

My current job has me listening in on half of a phone call, captioning what I can hear for my clients who are hard of hearing. It is occasionally interesting, but mostly, I really like the company around the job itself. A good set up for someone who occasionally likes to be alone. Really cool company, but I have no idea how long I plan to be here.

I am also a Dungeon Master for a local game store. Its not quite real employment, as I, well, don’t get paid, but I spend 2-3 hours a week sharing one of my richest pleasures and I think I’m getting pretty good at it. Not enough to turn my hobby into a full time, rent paying occupation, but I’m honing my abilities and trending upwards.

And, speaking of hobbies turned occupation, I spent a few months this year  laboring as a full time, self-employed cartoonist. I learned a lot about myself, such as that buffers can be a thing that happens but my work tends to occur when it is needed now-ish, that I can tell good stories and have moments of good art, and, most importantly, that I am not ready to be a cartoonist. I don’t have the audience I need to make it happen.

Speaking of lack of audience, I’ve put a bit of effort this last month or two making this blog start to do things. Saturdays tend to have a D&D based article of some kind, and my Star Trek Articles have been popping up and will hopefully keep doing so. And who knows what other trouble I can get up to on here?

But in the course of the last year, what have I really done, will any of it last? Probably not. I made some memories with people, I was able to attend plays and graduations and recitals, I was able to have conversations that I’d missed in my 6 years of living away from home.

I still have a lot I want to accomplish in life and, looking back, it seems like 2017, or rather Year 28, didn’t accomplish much, but I think it was a year worth having and living through.

This next year, I hope to develop some skills: animation and video editing, adventure writing and running new game systems, telling stories in all sorts of new ways. I also hope to beat my debt down a little and would not mind finding a place of my own so my dad can have his office back (and I can go back to having my super cold residence.) I need to get on top of my car, make some cosplay, go to some conventions, and try to enjoy what I have in front of me. Who knows, some of this might happen.

So happy birthday to me.

(Thanks for reading this life update! If you’ve not been here before, and stopped in because of birthday wishes, click around. I spend a bit of time here and I may have something you’d enjoy reading around! Thanks for stopping buy.)


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  1. It’s been a good year, having you home. I like having you closer than North Dakota, and I appreciate all the help you’ve given me this past year. I’m glad you’re finding a place in your heart for Colorado. It’s worthy of your esteem. I hope you feel at home.

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