This is my series where I watch a random star trek episode, and write my thoughts as they occur. There are likely spoilers.

Not going to liw, this episode opens with me humming the Smashmouth song “Who’s there.” You know, because of the title.Actually, titles are an interesting thing. How much do they effect the episode? What shows include the title in the opening? Now days, with the digitalness, we know what an episode is titaled when we click on it. I know there have been Youtube videoes I’ve shown folks that include spoilers in the title. Hmm. Is it better to know the title or not?

I think with Star Trek, it doesn’t matter as much. Most of the episodes, the title hasn’t really mattered to the plot or whatever.

Right, let’s hit play.

Due to my Trekking, this is my first real Ferengi encounter. Like, I’ve dealt with Quark a bit, but he wasn’t really acting like a Ferengi. This was almost cringy, but it recovered at the last second. But also, everyone in the audience of this ceremony kinda of expected it from… Ogg? maybe? What’s the dad’s… Ohkay, Nog is the kid, Rom is the dad.

Why does Quark get 2 extra letters? seems unfair…

The idea of a “Sell childhood belongings” party is interesting. Fits the species. And, what’s better, I think the crew does an amazing job of buying into the ceremony. All of the interactions seem natural (although I’m not an amazing scholar of these characters, this being my… 4th foray into the series. I could see a scene like that flopping horribly, but instead it was very entertaining and set up the next scene well.

ROM: “I figured out we’re smuggling {details}”
QUARK: “When did you get to be so smart?
ROM (Actual Dialogue): “I’ve always been smart, brother, I just lack confidence”

Okay, I followed the technobabble and it mostly parsed. Actually, a lot of this situation has been beautifully foreshadowed this episode. It’s very well crafted.

My favorite part about the Area 51 guys is the cigarettes. Also, their professor looks familiar, but I can’t place him. Can’t find his name on IMDB either. I guess I’ll have to wait until the end cards 🙁

(Future Matt here. Survey says…. no actor credits in the ending cards. Wat. Back to IMDB, then. Jeff Carson is the chartacter, Conor O’Farrell is the actor. Scanning credits… nothing I’ve seen. Lot of TV credits, tho. Guess he just has a popular face. Carry on then, Past Matt!)

This episode is kind of silly so far. At least they foreshadowed the punchline of Sisko rescuing them. The reversed speech effect or whatever is exactly happening is kind of cool though. Well done.

Ah, yes. What are Star Trek timeplots without a jab at modern politics?

Hey! this is my first time plot, isn’t is? Nice

Man, Quark has a good patter, doesn’t he? Now we just need things to go wrong.

Shapeshifter Cop Retcon Powers Activate!

Why… why does the interrogator guy think this liquid will work?

Oh, for laughs. Got it. Well done.

Technobabble: Not just for getting us INTO trouble, but OUT the same way.

Wait, what was the point of the Sisko foreshadow bit? Just a red herring? or a callback I don’t know?

This was an okay episode, but not one I would need to watch again. I think if I was doing a Ferengi binge or a time plot binge, I’d do it, but probably not for pleasure. It was well crafted, though. I do like that every instance of “things going wrong” was a consequence of trying to get out of trouble. Not that things got worse, but rather, things kept not being resolved until the end. This happened back in that one Trek, Who watched the watchers (my take here). Its good DMing and good writing.

This episode is getting a 7. It failed to score points for villains, immersion, and rewatch. Thematics: Time Plot! (yay!), Retcon Shapeshift, Translation fail (I wonder how often that will come up?)

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