This is my series where I watch a random star trek episode, and write my thoughts as they occur. There are likely spoilers.

Ya know, I’m curious about what the break down in quality when compared with number of words in the title. I’m not sure if my Excel-Fu is strong enough to make that table. I’ll look at it in the future.

This episode starts with me rerolling the episode. There was a TNG I wasn’t in the mood for, than ANOTHER Deep Space 9, then there was a Voyager 2 parter that Amazon helpfully combines into an hour and a half, which is a bit more than I want to do, and now we’re in the final season of Enterprise, at the start of a 2 parter. And it looks like we’re getting directly into it, not waiting at all for exposition. What fun.

Klingons. Why did it have to be Klingons? (JK, I love a klingon.) Uh-oh. Are their heads separate aliens?

Oh, yeah this is the opening title with music. I think I remarked on that last time too.

Oh-kay. There was a relationship, now there is not. DRAMA!

Man, he has a lot of stuff still on that shelf. I hope he’s not leaving a mess behind. I can’t imagine Starfleet is more lenient than my last landlord.

That was a pretty sweet mindmeld scene. Good use of combined memory and the psychic. The only other meld I’ve seen im my Trek is at the end of that one TOS, Requiem for Methuselah, but it barely counted. Just a small bit at the end of the episode. I’ll add it to the tracking.

Rigelian, huh? I don’t think I’ve ever come across those guys. Maybe a sprinkle in my old TNG watching, but nothing on the top of my head.

I will say Dr. Phlox walks inhumanly. But I’m not happy about his face make up. It looks too Cardassian for me.

This Klingon sales pitch sounds like a story to get the good doctor to whip up some good old fashioned bioweaponry, all because the Hippocratic Oath said there might be someone, somewhere, hurting.

These are probably the most fun Klingons I’ve seen yet.

The question that is always in my mind when I watch episodes like these tend to be based on “How would I run this in an RPG?” And I have to say, the TimeWatch RPG system that I’ve been looking into is almost, but not quite what we’d want for this. Except for the fact that it has taken 2 layers of each scene to figure out clues, I’m seeing a lot of parallels between them. (I need to get my hands on the vanilla GUMSHOE system and see exactly what changes have been made. I’d need to take out the time travel and I’m not sure how to do that without unraveling everything. Anyway, back to the episode…)

Oh hey, its over. Huh. Guess it earned it’s immersion point.

How fair is it for me to dock a point for poor resolution, when it’s a 2 part episode? No idea, but I’m docking the point.

This episode explains in part one of the big Star Trek Continuity Mysteries: The Klingon Forehead. Apparently, they tried to combine Augment DNA, and it mutated the Klingons so they looked human, but were Klingon at heart. Then those ones died out and continuity makes sense. This virus may be part of it? yay!

T’pol is kinda hot. I wish she wasn’t a Vulcan though. This is what, the 3rd series with a vulcan on the crew? I can’t imagine we’re not retelling the same stories again. I mean, it could be new stories. I wouldn’t know.

This enterprises’ design is growing on me.

This episode gets a 9, mainly because I am unfair and capricious and want to watch the second part, but won’t because that’s not how I do things.

Thematics are Mysterious Disease, Mindmeld, kidnapped, boarded, Moved on (Tentative name for when a competent crew member leaves and we have to deal with a new person.)

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