This is my series where I watch a random star trek episode, and write my thoughts as they occur. There are likely spoilers.

Back to Voyager today. It’s interesting- In my Trek, I haven’t been below Season 4 of Deep Space 9, nor have I been above Season 2 of Voyager. So I’m catching only the good parts of one and the bad parts of the other. So I’ve been told, anyway.

Okay, that was a really cool opener. I wonder if they’ll do the whole epsiode that way (I mean, they won’t, but wouldn’t that be interesting, to broadcast an entire episode in black and white, with occasional static and odd camera angles?

I’m really curious if the robot glitching out is an actual puppet/machine or a guy in a rubber mask. I would be very impressed by rubber mask guy.

How often does Star Trek swing into the horror genre? I can’t really recall any, although Enterprise’s Vanishing Point might could count. This episode could go horror very quickly, but I don’t think it will.

Also, in before the episode happens, but it was just an exhausted Torres dreaming.

I’m really not sure why Janeway was in engineering. The wiki indicates she was a Science Officer, once upon a time but she just seems to stick out.

Torres seems like she was told to act “overbearing” it seems a bit forced to me.

This would be a tricky episode to try to DM. I’d love to try tho. Playing a casually supportive kidnapper would be a lot of fun.

That was a good episode. Not my favorite, but it scored a 10 from me. I was so immersed the episode was over before I could find more snarky things to say.

This episode does have some flaws. There are some odd directing/writing moments, like when Tuvok, Chacotay and Kim all have a part of the same technobabble sentence. And man, was the technobabble crazy this episode.

I wonder what percentage of Star Trek Engineering tools were created for this episode.

It would be interesting to play a game where you have a ship like Voyager, with, say, 4000 people on board or whatever and in your course of trying to get home that number slowly dwindled as you made choices. I don’t know if it would be fun, but it would be interesting.

Hmm. Thematics. “There’s a War on,” tied to “We’re neutral,” of course. There is a tad bit of prime directive, but not enough to call it a Prime Directive episode, IMO.  “Kidnapped!” returns. I wonder what the breakdown of kidnapped crew is. I think engineering is really high, from what I’ve seen. “It lives!”, for the super science, but as a feather in Janeway’s cap, “The Captain Called it.” When we think the captain is being harsh, but really, the writers wanted to give them additional foresight.

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