Happy New year! 2018 Resolutions!

Well, another year has come and gone an- Wait, that title looks like I have 2,018 resolutions for the new year. I assure you, I do not.

Every year, I try to set a few goals for myself, to see what I can accomplish. No idea if I set them last year. If I did, I didn’t publish them far and wide like I’m doing with this. I have learned through trial and error that trying to do something every day is setting yourself up for failure. So my resolutions are more broad and have generic milestones. I also divide them up into a category or two, because why not?

Gamer Resolutions

I’ve been setting gamer goals for a while, but this is the first year I think I can actually accomplish them, due to how much focus I’ve been putting on gaming this last year.

  1. 12 Months 12 Systems
    You’ve probably heard me mention this once or twice, but I’m running an RPG showcase table at my gamestore, where every month, I run a different system. My first system is TimeWatch. This last weekend I ran two sessions of it for my family. Mostly to help me understand what I need to understand of it. But also, as I surmised, they freakin loved it. If I get a family game going again, it is very likely to be TimeWatch instead of D&D. So, already, 12M12S is helping people branch out to new games.
  2. Family RPG
    As I just mentioned, I played an RPG with my family again and it was great. (Although one session was definitely better than the other. My fault, I think.) Once school starts up and peoples schedules go back to normal, we might start a game. I’m thinking Thursdays, but its hard to tell. If I’, doing it on a work night, I really need us to be timely and that’s not been my experience with how my family operates. We’ll see how it goes, but I would love to do another season of something. I don’t really know how to run a TimeWatch campaign, but afaik, it involves a lot of Wikipedia.
  3. /r/Xanth RPG
    Gosh, its been 9 months since I first postulated running an RPG on reddit for one of my obscure fandoms. I’ve felt guilty ever since. So this year, I will make this a thing that happens at least once!
    The big part is I had a new RPG system I had written that got eaten by my laptop. So I have to re-write all the character building stuff I had done before. Its doable, as much as I hate doing it. Re-writing stuff I’ve done before, I mean. Bleh.
  4. Online RPG
    I’ve not quite gotten what I want out of my online group. If I had to guess, I don’t have the right mix of people to have us all on the same page, running the game that all of us want to be at. Pretty sure that is how burnout happens.
    So I want to get that going strong and I’m not at all sure how to do it. Fresh blood might help. Running a different story might help. Adventurer’s league modules? I don’t know. I have to figure out what I want from the table, then figure out what everyone else wants, and figure out how to make that intersect. (You’ll notice there really isn’t a goal here. Its more like a new years concentration.)
  5. Publish to DMs Guild
    There is a website out there dedicated to letting people like me making a bit of coin from writing things for people like me. Seems like a good fit. And I’ve know about it for a long time and this year, I ought to make some adventure and throw it on there. I don’t know how feasible it is, with my other gaming demands, but hopefully I’ll get some spark and make a small adventure for others to enjoy.

Artistic/Comic Resolutions

You may have noticed I do comics. Well, not the last two months which is not cool, but the rest of the year I did pretty good. Here are my goal for this aspect of what I do

  1. Rachael in Gameland Chapter 3
    I meant to have one out this morning for Patrons, but Christmas was sudden, swift, and consuming. So I posted late on the 1st. Its true that I don’t have as much done for it as I would like, but I think we can make it. I found myself with little to do at work. At least, until I need to be cramming for the 12M12S again. Plenty of time and creative juice to put pencil to page and hammer out some scripts. Then a judicious use of scheduling and I can get some strips done and uploaded in a timely fashion, making business as normal flow once again.
  2. Raymond Marlowe, Substitute Spy
    So my Dad and I had lunch one Saturday, where he pitched a comic idea to me. And we’ve spent the last several weeks hammering out details of plot and the world and such. Some really crazy good stuff. So this year, I hope to go from having ideas to having a actual product. No clue my timeline for that, but it’s on my list
  3. The Wotch
    One of the webcomics I’ve read for years, the wotch has gone on and off hiatus many times and it is threatening to go down again. in an effort to keep content for it flowing, I’ve been toying with the idea of stepping up and tossing them a fan comic of decent length, as a thank you for their work. I can’t specifically say that they are a direct inspiration, but I’ve had a lot of fun reading the strip, and I want to see it continue (also: it would be great publicity for me. Not the reason I’m doing it, but it’s not not a consideration.)
  4. Glamourdome
    This year’s Glamourdome was a nice, sudden surprise, but it wasn’t quite what I hoped it would be. I’ve pondered on how to do it better and I might make a thing on DA for people to be able to participate in a longer running program, designed for a continuous thing, as opposed to a series of single events designed to have artists drop out each round. I dunno, I have to do some research, talk to some people, maybe design a website, I dunno. But poking this idea with a stick is up there with things I want to do.
  5. Star Trek
    I’ve really enjoyed the Star Treks I’ve been watching. but I’ve foolishly started doing these articles. So I can’t watch a Trek without doing one. And then I started drawing little art things for them. So now I can’t publish the written things without drawing up the random piece. So yeah. Locked myself into a stupid little trap there. So this year, I want to try to have at least one done a week.

Other Resolves

  1. Moneys
    My experiment of being a full time cartoonist was not good for my bank account. So I really need to focus on knocking out some debt and building up my savings. I intend to be moving to full time soonish (or at least start the process) so that will help. The main thing I can do is incentivize myself when I hit milestones. At my first milestone, I get to by myself a blackboard Sync, which should be crazy awesome (and possibly very good for comics). My second milestone, I get to buy a musical instrument. I’m leaning toward mandolin, but I’m not 100 on that. Saw a cool harp in a video, but I’m not sure about it. Coolness wars with price and availability. And how easy it is to learn. So I need to do research. Luckily, I have a while before I reach this milestone.
  2. Camping
    I spent the summer trying to make a choice of investing in a good air mattress, a good cot or a hammock. All 3 had pros and cons and I didn’t want to make the choice. And then, for my birthday, my mom cut through the Gordian and bought me a cot. Which is awesome, but now I have to rework my camping kit. My tent is too small for the cot. And I’ve not really been camping with a cot, so I don’t know what other issues it has for how I do things.  I should also go through my kit, simplify and rework, so I know where everything is and can get to it easy.
    I also ought to find a good place to hit up for camping. There is a place on the Airforce base that is pretty cool, but I can’t get on there myself. Need to have one of the parents get me on, which isn’t what I want in a campground.
    I also want to figure out my Signature Camping Meals are. I think I have breakfast figured out (although I need to get my own personal cooking equipment (Which will only be used and cleaned by me. Some  “People”in my family think its okay to use a metal instrument as a spoon to mix and cook with. And now all of out pots and pans are scratched. )) Dinner, though, eludes me still. Hopefully, I can get that figured out.
  3. 3d Modelling
    Santa brought us a 3d printer and I would like to get some mad skillz and put that thing to use. I am on record of saying D&D is a drastically different game with a 3d printer and I ought to prove that. Will I have time and inclination? Who knows. But I do want to justify the printer’s existence.
  4. Reading
    I love to read, but its more chaotic than structured. I’ve been meaning to sit down and come up with a list of 100 books to try and get through this year. And to have that list if someone else needs recommendations.
  5. Make a game
    I’ve been toying with game design for a while and I’ve never really gotten to the prototype stage. I’d love to get to a place where I can test a game I made, be it a card game, a digital game of some sort, whatever.

Wrap up

And that’ll be enough for now 15 resolutions may seem like a lot, but don’t worry! They’re all big action items.


Anyway, I don’t expect to finish any of these. A lot are work in progress things. But maybe next month, I’ll dig this up and see where we’ve got!


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