This is my series where I watch a random star trek episode, and write my thoughts as they occur. There are likely spoilers.

Man, that is a crazy title. Careful tiptoeing for a spoiler free Wiki check says it comes from a four act lyrical drama in 1820, which sounds like a setting of expectations if I’ve ever heard one.

Wasn’t Dax and Beshir a thing last DS9 I watched? For an alien symbiote, he/she/it gets around.

The idea of using the holodeck as a physical fitness area is actually really cool. I don’t know what they did on other ships, I know ENT has a weight room that they were in one episode. But yeah, you can have physical trainers of all species saved, I imagine Warf is going to have a training session where he beats people up and they fight back, but you can set it up for swimming and scuba diving, mountain climbing, running in all sorts of places, or just an uber gym.

That sounds like a fun business to run.

Wow, normally, I’m pro-Cardassian and Kira rubs me the wrong way, but I really, really want to punch Dukat right now, for his smarmy tone.

This seems like a pretty big reveal to save for 6 seasons. I don’t know how much Dukat and Kira have interacted, but why is he just using this now?

Yeah, okay, desire to punch her is back

“If you won’t talk about it, perhaps you should consider doing something about it” is actually very good advice. Scary advice, but good advice. I think.

It’s weird to see Odo as a calm voice of reason. Normally, he’s all heated up after Quark.

What is Kira’s role, that she can order Odo around? I mean, I don’t know the org chart of DS9, but I imagine they’re very different parts. We’ve seen Kira in engineering, and now she’s in security?

Wait, the Bajorans have a super reliable time travel device? wat.

Blah blah blah, skipping forward. I’m more interested in the Prophets and how you go to the past, as opposed to this scene of things happening there.

Whelp. It was not a voluntary separation, Dukat is a jerk. End episode.

Why is it still rolling?

I think this is the first Male Bajoran I’ve seen.

This episode is filled with the type of drama that I don’t care about. If I wasn’t able to fast forward, I’d probably think about this episode differently. But I can. And I did. And saw pieces here and there and kept skipping. I am only going to give this episode 1 point, because I really like Dukat and wish I could see more episodes of him.

A touchy feely episode, where the results don’t matter due to it being a time plot, about characters I don’t like is the type of episode I am destined to despise.

PrisonerĀ  for thematics. I dunno any others. Too busy not watching the epsiode.


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