This is my series where I watch a random star trek episode, and write my thoughts as they occur. There are likely spoilers.

I have done a lot of rolling to find an episode I actually wanted to watch. A lot of final season stuff, a lot of 2 or even 3 parter bits, characters I don’t like as focus, finally, we’re back with TOS.

Oh good,. I was afraid this would be a planet of dwarves and wasn’t sure if I could handle that.

PHILIANA: “Through superior breeding, we’re better in every way. How old would you say I am?”
KIRK: “Becareful Spock, it’s a trap!”
SPOCK: “Thirty-Five.”
PKILIANA: (Shocked) “That old?!?!”
KIRK: “Told you, Spock.”

This episode looks like it would have been a lot of fun to film. I’m curious what they did to have all the breaking and moving effects, since I know they’re not CG.

I have never seen a Lyre actually used as a musical instrument in a serious way. Now, I can’t imagine it being amazing for an instrumental solo, but with a good voice behind it, I can understand why it was a serious musical instrument.

This Michael Dunn, the dwarf playing Alexander, is marvelous.

Look, I’m all for people with power psychic powers, I’m 100% on board for the crazyness of this episode, but come on, the one thing that I do stand for is know the bounds of your powers. If you are telekinetic, you have physical control, not mental or emotional control. This whole emotion thing they’re doing to Spock goers against the power set.

Having a lot of fun with this episode, though

Wow, what is with Chapel’s makeup this episode? I wonder what this episode would be like shot today. Shipboard romance isn’t taboo, we’re all a little more inclusive, so I wonder what they would do to shock and awe us. I also wonder if the Telekentic abillites would still be done invisibly or if they would add some sort of power glow to it.

I do know that the final scene, with Kirk and whoever fighting over a knife would be done with effects, not with incredible acting. And that would be cool, but a little bit sad.

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