Tiny Dungeon Spell Scroll Table

I recently picked up Adam Bahr‘s Tiny Dungeon (and by “Recently picked up” I mean “I kickstarted it and forgot to read updates by the developer until I got my copy in the mail, totally missing another kickstarter of his. Which I regret hardcore”)

I am enjoying what I see in it. At first, I was just going to use his adventure tables as the solid gold they are. But, after reading through a time or two, the idea of running Tomb of Anhilation with the system doesn’t want to leave my head.

But, before I do that, I want to figure out how to make spellcasters work. And I think the only way to really do it is to distribute magic scrolls as treasure very frequently. And since there isn’t a spell list for tiny dungeon, I decided to make one.

1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Make Defend Return Move Life Weather
2 Bind Raise Repair Time Contain Break
3 Hide Remove Summon Trick Contract Alter
4 Lift Sculpt Enhance Freeze Control Cleanse
5 Turn Light Melt Change Sooth Cloud
6 Show Find Converse Travel Adapt Bestow

There we go.

First some thoughts: these are intentionally vague. What can you do with a spell called “Show“? I don’t know. It might reveal invisible creatures. It might let you see someone far away. It might be a good spell to create a small illusion to show you allies the beast they don’t believe yous saw. Or a good tool to make a firework display to really make the Bard’s performance shine.

So yeah, a lot of options out of these. It took a lot of word smithing to figure out exactly what I wanted. I’m happier with some more than others, but this will do for a version one. (Please suggest words for spells below, as I could easily make it 3d6 for a random spell…)

I’m not happy that there are big named spells that are missing. I know I was trying for these flexible utility things, but there isn’t an easy way to cast “Fly“. More tables would help, as I could dedicate cells to specific things.

So a word on how to use this as a GM running Tiny Dungeon:

First, I plan to give these out almost as written, but you don’t have to do it that way. If you roll up “Converse” and want to hand it out as a scroll of “Comprehend Languages” that’s perfectly fine.

Also, feel free to flub rolls. If the party needs “Sculpt” and you roll “Light” that’s one die pip difference, let them have it.

On the other hand, seeing what a party would do with a “Light” spell when they really really need sculpt is cool as well.

Another consideration of your DM powers: Change whatever words. If your setting makes it so that Ice magic is everywhere and fire is no where or something, replace Melt with I dunno Snow or something.  You’ll have to figure that out on your own.


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