GUMBOOT: An RPG adaptation rough notes and ideas (or I am too busy to do this work!)

Have I mentioned 12m12s recently? that happens tonight. And in prepping and running this system, I have fallen head over sticky heels for the GUMSHOE system. And, in mentioning it to others, interest was expressed in my adapting the game for a more fantasy format. Never being one to shirk from having too much on […]

12S 12M: This is starting to look like a bad idea (basically, an RPG ramble…)

Black Friday Weekend, I was at my local game store to pick up something I ordered and was persuaded to shop around a bit. I picked up a game entitled TimeWatch, and with my ordered in copy of the Doctor Who RPG, I set out hoping to not spend more money. Little did I know […]

5e Megadungeon Project: Briefing Document (Version 2: Brief Harder)

With bits and pieces I’ve gleaned from our session, and a bit more research into the concept, this is the next version of the Megadungeon Briefing Document. It’s not necessary that you read this to play, but it is very helpful. (A lot of this is Copy/Paste from the last document. Changes and information new to […]

New Project: 5e Procedural Megadungeon

This is a bad idea. Let’s start with that. Get that right out of the way, intercept the comments, and set everyone’s expectations where they should be. Actually, let’s emphasize. THIS IS A BAD IDEA!! Right now, we can…. Hold on, I don’t like the defeatist tone there. Let’s try once more. THIS IS (probably) […]