Things I Learned From Actually Reading the PHB Ep 1

So I was reading my Player’s HandBook this morning and realized I had been doing something wrong. Not in a gamebreaking way wrong, but its something that will change how I run exploration encounters and similar in the future.  And when playing with my weekend group, I read some more stuff and realized this could be an article thing. So here we go! Continue reading “Things I Learned From Actually Reading the PHB Ep 1”

D&D Experiment: Booster Pack Adventure

So I had an idea of taking a Magic: The Gathering booster pack, 15 cards, and generating an adventure based around it. Ideally, it’ll be an improv trick, 10 minutes, 15 cards, go! but for this first attempt, I’ll walk you through my thought process, and what I’m doing with it to try and determine if this is a viable challenge. Continue reading “D&D Experiment: Booster Pack Adventure”