What I Did Wrong at Planet Mercenary.

So I’ve shifted the goal of my 12M12S endeavor and instead, I’m going to be running a weekly not-D&D game at the shop. My first foray is in running a game I’ve been wanting to give a good solid run to for a while, Planet Mercenary. I love a lot of the things this game does, but it seems every week, I’m knocking out a new tool or table for myself that should be in the book (or a lot easier to find in the book!)

Of course, it’s not always the game designer’s fault I’m having trouble. It’s more often mine. And thus I being you a new season of What I Did Wrong at D&D The RPG Showcase. Planet Mercenary. Continue reading “What I Did Wrong at Planet Mercenary.”

Planet Mercenary Slash Star Wars

My little sister hadn’t seen Star Wars. She knew the basics, but I think it’s worth seeing the whole thing. So while I’m watching the films, I keep thinking about how I would run a Star Wars game in Planet Mercenary. It wouldn’t be too hard, methinks, so I wrote this. I know this is not a complete conversion. If there are any egregious errors, let me know and I will make some changes/additions. Use this however the heck you want. Continue reading “Planet Mercenary Slash Star Wars”

Planet Mercenary: Delving Dungeons

So, I am finally on top of my various projects enough that I can write a little bit about Planet Mercenary. I am so excited for this game and I’ve been giving it a lot of thought. One of the things that will be very different in PM from other games is dungeon crawls. Will they be possible? How do you write them? Won’t they have ways around doing the dungeon and just straight the prize?

I have no idea. Let’s find out. Continue reading “Planet Mercenary: Delving Dungeons”