Here?Here End!

A Little Geeky Underneath Chapter 3 Page 45 (Final)

I do love beat panels. But I am getting sick of drawing people talking at a desk. Or in a hallway. Really, I’m tired of drawing talking heads. So I’m gonna do that different thing thing. For a bit, at least. ALGU will return. And maybe we’ll finish slogging through all the justification parts and get to the actual meat of the idea.

A Little Geeky Underneath Chapter 3 Page 40

Interested in what people think of the art here. I accidentally used a bigger brush for the first few panels I inked and kept with it. Was faster, definitely. But I don’t know how it looks.

Also: I inked and texted this whole thing in an hour. Proud of that. Sometimes I can do this easy

A Little Geeky Underneath Chapter 3 Page 38

My desire to have pretty backgrounds is fading. I think i might have to shift to a new comic project for a bit, so my desire for ALGU can rekindle. I have no idea on how to do the next bit.

In other news, I messed up Monday’s page a bit, but I fixed the text transparancy. It’s all good now.