RiGP3 Pokemon: Raiders of the Lost Arceus

Okay, so this is a really dumbed down version of what I had planned, which was very elaborate and featured all 20 pokemon of the chapter

Yeah, 20. of that, 8 of them are flashback/cameos with the elite 4. Should I include that? I dunno.

This idea came to me when I was looking for ideas. Do people like this? I could see this as being a side quest of sorts.

Anyway. See y’all monday for Chapter 4!

Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 3 Page 29

Oh good, no snakes this panel. I can talk again.

I noticed I was leaving off Squirtle’s eyelashes. I should probably go back and edit all those earlier pages. But instead, I’m going to scribble a note in my notes and do it in The Future!

Things like the Pokemon Text saying squirtle’s name before we see squirtle feels like I’m telegraphing things too much for the gag. No one else cares, I’m sure.

Decided to not put effort into the other rocket’s Pokemon. Using color as a crutch again, but it is much faster than doing a good job…

Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 2 Page 78

And with this (late) update, chapter 2 of Rachael in Gameland, Chapter 2, is finished. We saw the start of a lot of threads this chapter that will have long term ramifications, brought some depth to some characters, and I think I’ve pushed the edges of my comfort zone artistically. Very pleased with how it turned out and I’m excited to see where it heads from here.
…which will be a bit. I am in no way prepared to launch into chapter 3 and I’m not sure if we’ll see it begin before the end of the year. Heck, I don’t know what we’ll see tommorrow!

Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 2 Page 75

Sorry for the erratic comic stuff. I plan to go back in the website’s archives and wiggle things around so that re-reading is smoother. (not applicable for people who read the thing on Patron or DA.)

So yeah, last page, Natu looked really small, that was just me sucking at art. This is the size he is. A bit smaller than a volleyball but not by much.

Officer Jenny does have a heart, but she has really good reasons for being mean. I think. I’m pretty sure. She’s doing it anyway, at least.

I drew this on an art stream. Started doing that again. My day is beginning to look like come home from work, take a quick nap if needed (oh man it so was today!!) and then stream whatever comic project I’m working. I don’t know my schedule, it’s probably best if you follow me on twitter or on twitch or tell me you look for that somewhere else I haven’t been alerting. It’s laid back listening to music, and honestly, if you want to hop on Discord and talk a bit, that’s cool too. Yeah.