RiGP3 Pokemon: Raiders of the Lost Arceus

Okay, so this is a really dumbed down version of what I had planned, which was very elaborate and featured all 20 pokemon of the chapter

Yeah, 20. of that, 8 of them are flashback/cameos with the elite 4. Should I include that? I dunno.

This idea came to me when I was looking for ideas. Do people like this? I could see this as being a side quest of sorts.

Anyway. See y’all monday for Chapter 4!

Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 3 Page 45

Ouef, that’s where all the Pokemon have been, hmm?

This isn’t quite what I wanted in my head. If I ever go back and redo things, 10 years down the line, this would be one I would want to re-address. I’m not happy with what I got, although I like the idea.

Honestly, if I had to run this again, I’d probably just go 100% to Team Rocket backstory, not having this narrator. I think there is some fun story in Giovanni and his rise of power.

201 RiGP strips! W00t!