Veldrin’s Beauty Dome Page 14

So I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this, as its very very niche and I have to explain a lot, but then I realized I wasn’t going to have anything else done today, so yeah.

First, this comic was meant to be the start of my round 1 entry. But then all of this other stuff happened instead. No idea what that means, but that’s how it happened. I really like where it ended up, although its going to be a bit obscure for people who aren’t in the same circles that I am.

So first, Who is that sitting next to Matt? Honestly, I’m not sure of his name. On my script, he was a vague blob with the notation “Tribute?” I then went diving through Whistle-Tall’s archives, trying to find something that would work. I ended up finding a character from years ago that created Vic, which is his character in the contest. There were a lot of conflicting names and lore and stuff, and all of it from a long time ago.

The second guy, behind the groucho glasses, is named Pip (as, you know, it says in the comic) So Pip had history with the comic, which isn’t really easily found online anymore. Pip was part of a small story arc that resulted in Matt turning into Rachael. Or rather, assuming her form. It’s complicated. But I used to read a lot of Pips comic. I don’t anymore. Maybe I ought to pick it up again. He’s a fun writer.

Another important thing is that 4ish years ago, Pip and Lust (one of his characters) created the Glamour Dome, version 1 of this contest. I don’t know if there is actually any plan they have. But I thought it would make a fun hook.

Rachael in Gameland: Characters of Chapter 1

Okay, the character spread looks a tad more impressive. I could tell that I’ve let my had go a tad slack in the last month of laziness. Some of these characters are way off.
Out of these 10 characters, four are my own original characters, four are adapted from the game/show/whatever. And 2 are basically nameless NPCs.
I’m not entirely happy with the design of the guy far left (whose name you’ll learn soon enough in chapter 2. ) Specifically, the emblem on his hoodie. It was hidden all throughout his appearances in chapter 1 and it looks off in this shot. I dunno.
That’s it for filler! Come back Monday when we start Chapter 2!