Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 3 Page 10

I need to spend effort and get ahead of the game. I am really really glad I had a bunch of speech bubbles to conceal things with in panel 2, because its probably the worst panel I’ve drawn since ALGU 1.01. I wish I wasn’t running so late with it, so I could fix it up.

I really need to change up Joy’s outfit. I thought it was a clever reference, to use a poofy dress thing, but I cannot seem to wrap my mind around it. Jenny I’m mostly okay with, as I have ideas of what is going to happen in the future. Not so with Joy.


I’mma gonna get working on next weeks stuff now. Laters.

Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 2 Page 65

There is a point in any project that has some poorly constructed piece in it, to either stop and take the time to fix it, or to soldier on and accept it. I’ve been very accepting of late. Today’s strip, for example, has two not amazing parts. Some dialogue is less than phenomenal, and the mash up of lineless and lined art in panel four is not doing it for me. I probably could have spent time on fixing them, but I decided that it wasn’t worth my time to do so. So there they are. Enjoy.

And we’re finally leaving the Pokemon Center! Yay!