A Little Geeky Underneath Chapter 4 Page 9

This is the type of comic that looks like I’m kinda stalling, but I think it is crucial to the proper method of storytelling.

First, I think trying to have natural conversations and transitions is very important. I can do a smash cut if I need to and I think I do make a jump here pretty soon.

Second, passing subtle information is important. This is the first time we learn something about the school: whatever else, it is technically an ‘academy,’ whatever that means.

Also, in writing things like this, I learn things about the character. For instance, from that sports metaphor(?) JQ used in that last panel, I discovered she had been on the girl’s softball team back when she was in high school. And maybe Principal Piebald was the coach? I dunno. Its a subtle thing I’m going to try to use again and see what is there.

Also, EVERYTHING is still foreshadowing!