Veldrin’s Beauty Dome Page 15

So this contest started, as I may have mentioned earlier, with the participants being naked. I don’t draw that sort of thing, but it did happen in the world so I needed some way to convey that information. The previous page was my initial foray into passing that message on, but it didn’t work out because it galloped somewhere else. So instead, this is what I thought up.

I need to do more with Baeyru. She’s a lot of fun and is basically a blank slate right now.

Veldrin’s Beauty Dome Page 13

I’d love feedback on this teleport effect too.

Yeah, so, for Round 2, the characters are teleported into a maze, without their gear/clothes. I had to eat up a lot of my time figuring out a way to do that, without drawing anything I wouldn’t be proud of. This took a long time and contributed to my sailing into deadline infested waters, but I did it. You’ll see that soon, I hope. (At the time of writing this, I have yet to start inking it’s 55 panels!)

This ‘Green Room’ Arc had a lot of what I call ‘Technical’ Panels, like the last one here. I had to first basically figure out the room, then everyone’s position, then their costumes, then figure out what those costumes would look like sans person. A lot of work for not a whole lot of reward. All the technical on this piece is why it took as long as it did.

Veldrin’s Beauty Dome Page 12

First: Veldrin doing the opera glasses or whatever over his glasses? Awesome.

So the corner of Deviant Art I lurk near does a lot of body transformations. So it was no surprise to me that this would be coming (in fact, he kind of mentioned it as part of the thing the winner of the round would get to do.)

I am not very… anatomically accurate, you might say. So it’s not easy for me to do a small tweak, like you might see from the people who actually art in this contest. So I went to an extreme and really Amazonianed her, as well as brought her horns back.

What? Yeah, she’s got horns. She’s part demon.

Ideally, this is the most risque I’ll need to draw for the whole contest. But we’ll talk about exactly whey tommorrow.

Veldrin’s Beauty Dome Page 11

Eladrin can teleport. I forgot to mention that.

Sol is an enigma. I’ve got nothing on him. So I made him this guy who just stands in the corner i a leather jacket and smokes. Smoking is not cool. Not caring what people think is.

I’m interested in feedback on the teleport effect here. Teleports are tricky to get across, as suddenly being somewhere else is what video is very very good at.

Veldrin’s Beauty Dome Page 10

I’m not sure of all of Veldrin’s lore. He’s been around for a while, but without an actual story run. He just gets used in bits and pieces. I’m pretty sure he may have been drawn as a drow at some point. I know he attributed some unnatural speed to “Drow Panty Raids” last contest though. His affiliation with the dark elves is on record.

Drow or “Dark elves” are considered pretty much evil, cuz their Spider goddess, Lolth, told them to be. Lunatun is an Eladrin, which is a super magic elf. I think Veldrin might be a High Elf? which is a very magical elf.

Elves in D&D are kind of convoluted.

Veldrin’s Beauty Dome Page 03

Not much really happens in this page. Its just a stage setting up for the contest. We do also get to see all of the competition, which was a stupid amount of work. If you notice, I cleverly had to design then TWICE, once with lines and once without. It was a lot of back and forth working on various pieces parts.

So, Yesterday, I said I would explain how the Dome Contest system works. It’s a little bit of a popularity test, mixed with a bit of endurance. Each round, the contest runner, Veldrin (or CrazyCowProductions as the actual artist is know on Deviant Art) decides what the challenges is, on both the meta and meda levels.

On the meta side, he comes up with the algorithm for the round. For this first round, its 3 x Agility+Mind. Each character has 3 stats that they determined the value of when they submitted their characters. Rachael, for example, has 5 Agility, 3 Attack, 2 Mind. So, for the first round, We had 17 points, putting me 2 points ahead of Lynn in this fist round.

The second aspect of the contest is Tribute. We artists who are in the contest buy/beg/trade to get pieces made for us. Each one of these is 1 point. My opponent (spoilers, but this is posted a week after Patreon, and the contest was resolved like 3 days before I put it there. There might still be rounds going on, but the one I’m talking about is long over.) managed to get 2 peices of tribute art in for 2 points, bringing us to a tie.

Each season of the contest also has a spin put on it by the organizer. There are 2 such this  time around, although the second won’t hasn’t been felt yet. There are different tiers of art submissions this year. So I had a colored comic piece, and that was worth 3 extra points, as opposed to just doing a pencil sketch or something. Sadly, Lynn also did a comic thing, which was awesome, and we ended up tied at the end. So yeah. Tiebreakers had not been discussed, so the round ended up a little weird, but whatever.

So that’s how the Beauty Dome works.

Oh, all of the art peices are supposed to take place in the meda level, with our characters attempting whatever challenge was set up. It’s not really enforced very well, but its an aid to keep writer’s block away!

Right. that was long. And spoilery. Come by tommorrow wehn my actual submission to the contest started. All of this so far was just warmup and backstory 😀

Veldrin’s Beauty Dome Page 02

So, after a bit of thought and as a result of being very blehed out today, I’m going to be running the contest comics, all nicely chopped up for easy viewing. it lets me get content out while I’m finishing up the last 4 strips of Chapter 2, Writing chapter3, and figuring out what I’m doing for the breather comic, which is not this.

This comic run may not be your exact cup of tea. I’m pitching this to a specific audience, ie the people I’m doing this contest with. I am trying to do what I can to further my arts with it, though. In its raw form, these pages got long, but I am cutting it down for you so its a bit easier to read than one long page that wouldn’t buy me much time

Err… gets a bit hard to read after a while (this joke would work better if Patreon had strikeout text -__-

So, this comic follows the one before, as you do. The girl in the Green Coat is another contestant. Never heard of them before but ended up being kind of cool. I like what I ended up doing with her hair, although I had to go back a few times in later pages and make sure I had all of it. Easy to forget pieces, as there was a bit going on there.

The guy with the swirly glasses is Veldrin. I now notice that a lock of his hair is skin toned, as I failed to color it properly. Oops. Anyway, I don’t know if the characters Rachael and Veldrin have ever met, exactly. Veldrin was in the previous Dome Contest, which I realize I ought to talk a bit about. Tommorrow. Anyway, if Veldrin remembers Rachael at all, it’d be in a negative light, as we kind of we one of the main supports that set up his loss.

But I’m not sure how much of that is established, and how much of that is floaty nebulous headcanon bits on my explanations for things that never got published.