85 pages in, and I start explaining what’s going on…

4 thoughts on “A Little Geeky Underneath Chapter 3 Page 33”

    1. Controller was such a lame name for those villains. I mean, the Yeerk itself wasn’t the controller, so they should have been called Controllees or hosts. Slaves even. But Controllers? Didn’t make sense. And I don’t really remember them using the term that often. Been too long since I read it.

      1. Yeah, that series fell victim the Stupid Fantasy Name Syndrome. I think some of her aliens were named by throwing darts at an alphabet.

        1. Actually, it’s not as bad as some others. On reflection, she kept pretty close to Carroll’s Law (where you’re only allowed to create 3 new words). She only really named some alien species and maybe a few andelite terms.

          JK Rowling, tho, had LOADS of newly created words.

          Okay, Maybe some were just british

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